Pagani Huayra

The man that brought you the pavement porn known as the Zonda is back with yet another Italian masterpiece, the Huayra (pronounced why-ra). And this finely sculpted literally translated “god of wind” is a 7-speed sequential, Mercedes AMG V12 Bi-Turbo M158, rear mid-engine demon. Yes, Horacio Pagani is a supercar genius.

Known as Project C9, the Huayra was worked on for seven years before completion. Made of more than 4000 components not including the gearbox and engine, the Huayra is a four-wheeled engineering marvel and one extremely fast car with a top speed caressing the curbs at 230 mph.

Pagani stripped down their latest behemoth by utilizing carbon fiber and titanium to the utmost creating 44 percent front 56 percent rear weight distribution and a 1.350kg (2,976 lbs.) dry weight. Even with the attention to weight the Huayra still manages to have an interior reminiscent of a Versace cathedral presided over by Louis Vuitton.

Bring your checkbook because the Huayra will set you back about $1.4 million – without tax of course.

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