Not the same old Sub and Dance

Having spent numerous years in New York, I love a good deli, and there one was just off the intersection – Dino’s Subs.

This is the old parts of Arlington, the building is older than I am, and the sub shop has been here for 32 years. Dino’s isn’t here trying to make it; they’ve been here and have made it. Parking isn’t great, but you’ll find a spot. Maybe a dozen tables, no waitresses, but there is a nice new big screen mounted in one of the corners.

The menu is on the blackboard behind the counter, almost everything is numbered, you could eat here everyday of the month and have something different each visit. As with all old deli’s you order at the counter, but here you not only order at the counter but the butcher takes your order and cuts your meat right in front of you – talk about fresh. The meat fridge is right behind him and the slicer is the first thing on the counter you see. Don’t overlook the sign “NO talking on cell phone at the counter,” get your order in and move down the line. I was there for an hour and there was a line the entire time. The vegetables are just as fresh as the meats, grab a bag of chips, and if you’re a drinker, they have 12 kinds of beer on tap.

As I check the menu out, I notice you can order from six inches up to six-feet. After looking at the board for a minute my girl has stopped jabbing at me as she professes her love of peppered beef, she ordered “The Dino,” peppered beef, baked ham, salami, extra provolone and Dino’s dressing and tells them to load it up with the fixings. Right behind her (and not on my phone) I order the 21 “Black Jack.” It was not much different except cream cheese and mushrooms and I tell them to load the boat as well. We get a pitcher of beer and grab a seat at one of the tables donned with the red and white table draping from the days of old.

I’m not one for following “mania” but I’ll weigh in here on Lin, spending time in NY, you become fond of the holidays in the city, good deli’s and the Knicks. Why do I mention this, as we satisfy our appetites with the cured stacks of meats, cheeses, and vegetables piled on bread, everyone in here is cheering the Mavs on as the Knicks escape several late runs to secure the victory. Win or lose everyone here is enjoying the fresh subs and the ice cold pitchers of beer.

With a price of about 30 bucks you get two foot-long subs, a bag a chips and a pitcher of beer. This is plenty of food for two, even if you’re a big eater. Location, well it isn’t the best, but is very accessible. The atmosphere is that of a small original deli. As far as the food, once you get a hold of one of these, especially with the “Dino dressing on it,” you’ll never set foot in a Subway or Quizno’s again. If there where more proprietors like this, chain sub shops couldn’t exist.

Fabulous deli, fresh, and just a neat spot for lunch or a weekend venture and remember no matter what you order don’t forget the “Dino’s dressing.” Oh, they even have an ice cream bar, but after you stomach these sub’s you’re not thinking of anything else except when you’re coming back. One more thing, my editor told me to write reviews on new restaurants, sorry. I promise a new review on the first of the month.

There’s a few “Dino’s subs” around make sure you get the original…

Dino’s Subs 1
2817 Galleria Dr.
Arlington, TX 76011
(817) 649-1114
Mon – Sat: 10:00am-10:00pm
Sun: 11:00am-10:00pm

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