On Deck: October 5th 2012

By Keysha Hogan 

Congratulations! When outrage and impatience intersect, big things can happen. And after the replacement refs racked up too many infractions you demanded and won an end to the lockout. Since Goodell and the league are in a compromising mood, let’s make our demands known and make some much-needed changes.


End Thursday Nights  – How many times must we turn in early on Thursday nights because of work the next day? I don’t want to miss any of the teams I enjoy watching, and a full day of Sunday games and Monday nights are enough to keep up with.


Helmet Cams – We are living in an age of cameras everywhere.  If Google can tether us to the internet via a pair of designer glasses, surely we can hook a wireless camera on to a helmet. Imagine the intensity of following a defender’s moves as he hunts down QBs in the backfield. Or the thrill of watching your favorite quarterback analyze the defense right before the snap?  This simple addition would be a marketing gold-mine for the league and bring a new dimension to our gladiator sport.


Sensors – Currently there is technology that allows for sensors in helmets and mouthpieces, but why not the ball? This would simplify the process of determining the 1st downs, eliminating guess work and perfecting distance related calls.


Lower Prices – As the unemployment rate holds steady at 8%, the NFL should do fans a solid and make a day at the stadium a reality instead of a budgeting nightmare. Let’s say you and a friend get two tickets at $150 each. Parking can be about $40. Food and Gas will be at least $60 if you don’t sneak in some snacks in your pocket. So you’re looking at easily spending $400 for the afternoon. If you have a family, you’ll have to take out a payday loan.


Review the Tuck Rule – This rule has been annoying since its introduction in 1999. My big problem is that the ref is put in the position of judging if the quarterback’s arm moved forward was intentional or not. Basically, they’re mind readers! At the very least this rule needs to be reconsidered and rewritten.


End Blackouts – Punishing located fans for not selling out their stadium must stop. There’s no reason that a person shouldn’t be able to watch their hometown team in their local market. In 2011 there were 16 blackout and since the league shares its television revenue, why is this still happening?


More Celebrations – The league should allow for more individuality and impromptu moments. There was a time when things had gotten out of hand, but overall it made scoring fun and exciting in the 1980’s to watch the greats bust a little cabbage patch action after scoring.


You, the fans, matter. And it’s about time league was more forward thinking and less reactionary.


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