What Men Should Know About Motorcycles

Whether you "Live to Ride or Ride to Live" these are the rules you should follow.
Whether you “Live to Ride or Ride to Live” these are the rules you should follow.

By C. Patterson

Over the years us guys have come to acquire a plethora of information and opinions on motorcycles. Here is an overview of that knowledge.

No. 49: Owning a Harley-Davidson instantly makes you a better-looking guy.

No. 845: Marlon Brando in The Wild One made motorcycles the coolest mode of transportation.

No. 6: Not respecting the power of your bike has immediate consequences.

No. 28: You should date a girl with a motorcycle at least once.

No. 607: Deep down we’re all afraid of bumping into the Hell’s Angels, Bandidos, Mongols, Outlaws at a bar.

No. 1,071: Sons of Anarchy is a pretty good depiction of how guys in corporate America think it must be like to own a motorcycle.

No. 294: Not that they were made exclusively for them, but a lot of guys with Ducatis are douches.

No. 385: We assume the guy on a motorcycle in a high-speed chase is going to get away.

No. 311: We still can’t figure out how Batman’s bike in The Dark Knight worked.

No. 12: The Isle of Man race is as terrifying as fighting a blindfolded MMA match with Bruce Lee.

No. 4: Evel Knievel was the greatest man to ever touch a bike.

No. 4.1: Robbie was a disappointment.

No. 4,026: We all would ride a Tron light bike.

No. 508: As cool as you think you look on a Vespa, trust us…you do not.

No. 79: Suzuki makes really-fast bikes.

No. 16: Indian Motorcycles are top tier taste.

No. 722: All the coolest guys on the planet had motorcycles; James Bond, James Dean and Steve McQueen just to name a few.

No. 91: Scorpio Rising…can’t un-see that.

No. 37: Cops on motorcycles get way more respect than cops on bicycles.

No. 14: Yamaha is one of the most recognizable and trusted names in the business.