Linehan Joins Cowboys Think Tank

The Cowboys make news during during Super Bowl week even though they're not in it.
The Cowboys make news during during Super Bowl week even though they’re not in it.

By Brad Barrett

Once again, the Dallas Cowboys will be switching play callers for their offense. The’ve tried Jason Garrett, Bill Callahan, and now Scott Linehan. Linehan was the Lions OC from 2009-13. He was hired last week as the Cowboys’ play caller.

In his time in Detroit, Linehan led his offense to become one of the most dynamic passing offenses. He wants to make Romo and Bryant look just like Stafford and Megatron. Now Scott has a little more to work with. He has a pro bowl running back in his backfield.

This year the Cowboy offense was a mess, but did show some spots of brightness. They were just one win away from a playoff berth. Romo and Dez looked like they could be one of the best dynamic duos in the NFL. As we saw last Sunday, their running Back DeMarco Murray scored the game winning TD in the Pro Bowl.

Linehan hopes to end the always rotating cycle of Dallas play callers. Last year they shuffled between HC Jason Garrett and OC Bill Callahan. Dallas announced that they plan to keep Callahan on the staff, just not as a play caller.

Now Callahan may explore the market. Cleveland is pursuing Bill as a new OC. That would be a pretty nice hire for the Brownies.

Overall, good choice for the Cowboys. I think Linehan can be a long time answer in Dallas. He can be the man to end Romo’s late-game blunders, and put Dallas where they belong to be. The Playoffs.