Lets Reid Into This…

Can Reid Ryan lead the Astros? Photo Courtesy: Rick Leal
Can Reid Ryan lead the Astros? Photo Courtesy: Rick Leal

By Will Martin

If you are a fan of movies and plays, no doubt you will try to assess what you believe will happen when the movie comes to an end. In that rare moment when a plot emerges out of the ordinary one term often bandied about is ‘The swerve’. From out of left field. We didn’t see that coming. To a quizzical look of ‘Really?’

What better way to convey the newest hiring and addition of an Astros President and CEO? On May 13th when it was announced that George Postoulos resigned his post to go back into private practice one question being privately discussed was, ‘Is this the moment Nolan Ryan was waiting for?’

Friday May 17th son of Nolan Reid Ryan was introduced to the media by Jim Crane as the newest person to lead the Astros to the next level of success Reid got right to the point.

“Today really is a dream come true,” Ryan said. “You grow up an Astros fan here in Houston, everybody’s got their hometown team that they had, and the Astros were mine. This is just a very special day.”

With the numerous visits made to Corpus Christi to talk with Reid Ryan about all things baseball something caught the attention of Jim Crane’s decision making mind. Pedigree aside it was the selfless manner in which Reid gets around. In a word: Congeniality!

“He’s working the crowd, he’s working with the fans, he’s got a good personality and a good presence,” Crane said. “When you first meet the guy, you like the guy. We’re really excited in him getting engaged in that area. He’s a people person, and I think the staff will enjoy working with him.”

Do we envision any problems with working alongside Jeffrey Luhnow? He who makes the ultimate decisions on player personnel?

“I will be here to help Jeff all he wants. I feel like I maybe bring a dimension that some of the other people that have been in this job haven’t had: I was a player — I’ve been around it. I know enough to be dangerous. If Jeff wants my advice, I’ve never been short on giving my opinion, and I’ll definitely do it.”

Darn, and here I was all ready to anoint Daddy Nolan as a supervisor to the President. Keep things all in the family if you will. Nolan by the way was in attendance with family, Enos Cabel, and Craig Biggio at Minute Maid Park when the announcement was made. He could not have been happier.

“It’s very rewarding as a parent,” Nolan said of his son’s new post with the Astros. “I also think from a baseball standpoint that Jim made a good choice, I really do. I know Reid better than anybody else, and his passion for the game and his work ethic, all the things that he’ll bring to that position. I’m very pleased and honored and excited at the fact that he’s getting this opportunity.”

This has to be a first. A father and son reunion each time the Astros and Rangers play one another?

“It’ll be fun,” Nolan said. “What I hope someday is that we’ll have a very competitive relationship between the Astros and the Rangers, and that we’ll be battling for the Western Division crown. And that not only will the Ryans be very involved and connected to it, but all the Texas baseball fans will be, too.”

For what it’s worth on the Double A side of things both the Frisco Roughriders and Corpus Christi Hooks are 1 and 2 in attendance for their home games.

In a state better known for football 24/7 you certainly can’t do much better for Diamond ambassadors in the Lone Star State.

Best of luck to Reid Ryan and his new endeavors as Astros President in 2013, and beyond.

And Back to the Astros
Sunday Houston will try to finish out a 3-3 road trip after a thrilling 4-2 11 inning victory at Pittsburgh. Jose Cisneros with 3 and 2/3 innings of relief work and his first major league win. It was also the Astros first win when trailing after seven innings.

24 hours prior the Astros were short handed on the bench with Ronny Cedeno and Brandon Barnes both unavailable to play. This led to a Jimmy Paredes playing in the infield and making a costly error when colliding into Jake Elmore. This led to the Pirates pushing a run across in the 9th for a 5-4 loss.

To date the Astros occupy the A.L. West cellar at 12-31. Only the Rangers are above .500 in the West. Even still, the kids are playing the game and learning day by day. I believe June will bring a slight run of fun for the ‘Stros. When the cause is collective then the result becomes unified.

Upcoming Schedule
5/20   Royals   7:10 p.m.
5/21   Royals    7:10 p. m.
5/22   Royals    7:10 p.m.
5/24   A’s            7:10 p.m.
5/25   A’s            6:15 p.m.
5/26   A’s            1:10 p.m.