Hemp Haven CBD Herbal Tea Bar

Photo Courtesy: DaVince “Dino” Wright

By DaVince “Dino” Wright

You can find hidden jewels just by walking from one establishment and into another one. After having a delicious meal at Kendall Karsen’s in Oak Cliff. I walked right into a place that sells CBD oil as tea. Let me first share that I’m skeptical of trying anything that would not allow me to stay sharp. I’m big on cognitive thinking and being in control at all times. While asking questions about the history of CBD, Amed and Ann Clinton explained the different types of products they have for sale. They even mentioned that there are cbd vapes like the skywalker runtz that most users buy.

How did Hemp Haven get started?
It all started when Ann was laid off from DeSoto ISD a few years back. The couple pondered, “How do we bounce back from financial ruin?” One of the things they did was look for opportunity to help the community. CBD was the key. They decided to open up their first CBD oil store called Grow DeSoto Marketplace in DeSoto, Texas. The first store opened in 2019 and grew quickly. Their current store, Hemp Haven opened in 2020 on Polk/67 in Oak Cliff. The dream was to expand to a Starbucks type vibe, with free WiFi, relaxing music and family feel to the community.

Photo Courtesy: DaVince :”Dino” Wright

Products They Sell
There is a long list of products sold at Hemp Haven. Bath bombs, bath salts, pain creams, skin hydration creams and muscle gels. They also sell a broad spectrum of CBD oil. They have an array of CBD infused products like CBD infused cheese cake, cinnamon rolls and tea along with cooking supplements. Twelve healthy herbal teas are available and prepared hot or cold, infused with the “go to” ingredients that customers request. They also have an array of paintings by Ann which hang across the store walls. 

What’s Next for Hemp Haven?
“We are looking into partnering with the community on educating, demonstrating and opening minds on CBD”, Ann said. “This is the perfect time for people to start using natural herbs for all ailments and diseases” Amed shared. “Think about not having to take pills to stop pain or having a side effect afterwards? CBD will be the start to getting back healthy and strong, the natural way.”