The Future of Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony might be unhappy with the front office in New York but he's staying where the money is at. Photo Courtesy: Dominic Ceraldi
Carmelo Anthony might be unhappy with the front office in New York but he’s staying where the money is at. Photo Courtesy: Dominic Ceraldi

By Joslyn Mitchell

Carmelo Anthony made his debut in 2003, being the third overall pick in one of history’s most talented draft pools by the Denver Nuggets. Anthony along with three other players, (Chris Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwayne Wade) were very important parts of several All-Star games and also the Olympic Gold medalist USA teams of 2008 and 2012. Through out his career from the Nuggets to the Knicks he has made over 7,000 field goal points and over 900 3-pointers. He is a prime example of hustle for 13 years, but the question is, with his feeling of betrayal, what is his future with Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks?

Last Thursday the nation witnessed the draft and as the teams, from the worst record to the best, began to select their picks they were also hoping they were making the right decision; one coach, however, pulled the wrong move on that night. On that night Phil Jackson drafted Kristaps Porzingis with the fourth overall pick, after he traded Tim Hardaway Jr. to the Atlanta Hawks for Notre Dame’s Jerian Grant. This had Anthony very irritated. According to Fox Sports, Porzingis, himself, said he wasn’t ready for an immediate impact on the Knicks future. Others are saying that it may take him a good two to three seasons before he can help shake things up. The fans are astonished by Anthony’s behavior, but you can only be down for so long until you are ready to burst out with a bang.

The Knicks have kind of been in the shadows for a minute and Carmelo is too great of a player to stay in the shadows. He wants someone that can help him win a title and no longer be over looked. Will he give Porzingis a chance? Should he? I believe that it would be a yes to both! We learned from Tom Brady to never under estimate a player. Porzingis is 7’0 feet, 230lbs, was ranked #10 in top 100 prospects, #2 in our international 95′ rankings, and #1 in Power Forwards. His FG average is 55.6%, 45.9% three pointers, and 70% at the free throw line. Pundits suggest that Porzingis won’t be ready to make things happen by next season, but come to think of it, when will he be ready? Let his stats do all the talking. Even though Porzingis is 19, Anthony should give him a chance because maybe Carmelo forgot how young he was when he first played (19 years old) in the NBA. As far as his future, according to Fox Sports, Anthony is staying because the Knicks are willing to pay him much more than the other teams and he trusts Phil Jackson. With Jackson coaching the great Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant and 13 rings in between, 11 from coaching the Bulls and Lakers and two from being recognized as a defensive forward on the 1970 and 1973 Knicks, who wouldn’t trust him.