Cowboys Wind Down Oxnard with Hysterics

The Dallas Cowboys ended camp in Oxnard. Photo Courtesy: Jeremy Andrews
The Dallas Cowboys ended camp in Oxnard. Photo Courtesy: Jeremy Andrews

By Will Martin

One month of practices and walk-throughs now come to an end in Southern California as America’s team proceeded to field fans and opponents of the Silver and Blue.

Closing out camp out west were two days of scrimmages with the Oakland Raiders.

Once upon a time both of these teams trained aside one another for the longest time back in the 70’s and onward.

Little were those not in the know to realize that a scrimmage for these two teams had implications away from the gridiron.

Apparently two rival gangs who don the Silver and Blue/Silver and Black do not like one another much less get along.

A normal day for practice would mean about six cops for security purposes.

Invite the Raiders fans now that number jumps to 30. To say nothing about the number of parole officers on sight to keep close tabs on clients. I apologize for ever making a joke about Raider fans having a two tattoo minimum before entering the arena.

Day 1 of scrimmage August 12 there was a scuffle that occurred on the field between the Cowboys and Raiders. Of course it was going to carry over into the stands where a Raiders fan decided to swing an autographed helmet at Cowboy B.W. Webb. Webb of course swung back.

Got to love those Oakland fans. Love their passion. The antics I will keep mum.

The power of the brand has incredible reach. How else to explain a set of fans/celebrities like Magic Johnson to Tommy Lasorda to Terrell Owens to be at practice to close out the 2014 West Coast part of camp?

Yes, I said T.O. The person(s) who invited him might surprise you.

While Jason Garrett wound down the run at Oxnard the players were treated to a speech given by Tommy Lasorda. As to whether or not the current slab of Cowboys players know who the one time Dodger leader was, the speech was impassioned and inspirational.

Yes, Orlando Scandrick was popped and suspended on August 11 for the use of ‘Molly’. A term I had never heard of before but my staff made me aware of what it is.

Scandrick was also quick to take full responsibility on Tuesday when issuing an apology through his agent.

“I would like to apologize to my children, my family, the Jones Family, my coaches, my teammates and my fans.  Failing a drug test is far out of my character, and although I never knowingly took a performance enhancing drug/banned stimulant while on vacation in Mexico, I take full responsibility for what goes in my body and more importantly for the embarrassment of a failed drug test.

It’s my goal by issuing this statement to clear my name and more importantly to be judged by what happens to me in the future.  I hope that my family, my Cowboys football family and all my fans can forgive me for this situation.  I look forward to a successful 2014 season.”

Now with the the Cowboys returning home to Valley Ranch it will be interesting to see what the vibe of the team will be like practicing in the Texas heat and to see just how many holes can be plugged by the time September 7 rolls around.

The real dress rehearsal shall commence later this week in Miami before Jason Garrett and team winds things up on August 28 with a final tuneup with the Broncos. Brandon Weeden will get the lions share of that game.

Dallas now comes home. Welcome back! The 2014 season looms ever closer!