Robin Williams: Frowns Within The Smyly!

Robin Williams left us too soon. Photo Courtesy: APB Photography
Robin Williams left us too soon. Photo Courtesy: APB Photography

By Will Martin

Things tend to happen in threes for better or worse. In a season where the Texas Rangers are playing out the string for purpose of providing hope-any kind of hope.

This night was one where a brilliant performance was completely overshadowed by events that would occur off the field.

Sadly, I might add.

Drew Smyly had himself a nice performance here in Arlington almost two months ago as a Tiger when Ian Kinsler made his return with a homer in his first at bat.

Monday night he came back and reeked havoc on a ballclub that would match its 2013 loss total with a 7-0 defeat to the Rays before a crowd of 28,000.

It was also the Rays first visit back to Texas since the 1 game Wild Card playoff played here 9-30-13. A game won by Tampa Ray 5-2.

On what would normally be a quiet, ho-hum Monday night this night would be anything but due to events that occurred away from the diamond.

I remember exactly where I was when actor/comedian John Belushi passed away 3/5/82 at the age of 33. Robin Williams was there with him the night before. The events of that night served as a catalyst for Williams to turn his life around and stay live long enough to have a family, grow old and enhance his dignity in public as an incredibly gifted performer, the king of improv in my humble opinion.

The press box and the social media feeds were abuzz with the announcement that Robin Williams committed suicide and was pronounced dead at the age of 63. He just had a birthday on July 22. This news was shocking and ever so saddening.

Not surprisingly Hollywood was quick to give many a kudos and tale shared about the greatness that was Robin Williams.

As the Rangers game wound down later Monday I get a playful jab from a reporter who pulled me aside and said, ‘Did you hear?’

‘Did I hear what?’ Said this guy.

‘Orlando Scandrick now suspended four games due to PED usage!.’

‘No Way!”


Say what you want about #32. When he’s on he can be one of the most viable players on the Cowboys defense. Yes, he can be somewhat caustic or remote in the locker room if you try to talk with him. An incident like this has a way of humbling a person when a problem arises.

Usually consistent with a punch to the pocketbook.

Murmuring within the press box it was easy to determine what the topics being discussed were. This week shall be one where the Rangers match their loss total of 2013 (72). It will also be the week the Houston Astros match or pass their 2013 win total (51). In the minds of many it will also be a Dallas Cowboys defense that will continue to be the worst in the NFL.

Even so the thoughts go back to Robin Williams. Quick with the smile and the wittiness. A lifelong battle with depression. As to what led to his final act only he can say. It just won’t be the same without Robin.

Robin spoke in a language I understand. One month short of 17 years without the booze or drugs this story hurts a little.

How ironic that a guy named Drew Smyly would be pitching Tampa Bay to a victory while North Texas and the rest of the world mourns the loss of an icon and a cornerback.

RIP Robin. You will be missed. Get well Orlando. See you in October.

Reality. What a concept. Someone forgot to warn us about the dangling fungibles.