Dallas Cowboys lose to Packers

Given his poor performance at Green Bay, have Cowboys fans seen the last start of QB Matt Cassel? Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison
Given his poor performance against the Green Bay Packers, have Cowboys fans seen the last start of QB Matt Cassel? Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

The Dallas Cowboys returned to Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers for the first time since the divisional playoff game back in January from last season when we saw that famous Dez Bryant controversial catch that ended up being reversed and ruled incomplete that ended the Cowboys’ great 2014 run. The Cowboys looked to get revenge but ended up being thumped 28-7.

Here are my thoughts:
Offense: Terrible. A total of eleven first downs, and 1-11 in third-down conversions. Total of 270 yards of offense. Only 22:12 of ball possession. Matt Cassel had only 99 yards through the air with no touchdowns and one interception. This is the fourth game for Cassel without a touchdown pass. On the other hand, the rushing attack had a total of 171 yards. But overall, the offense was terrible. For this performance, offense gets a D.

Defense: Terrible as well. Allowed 435 yards of total offense and 29 first downs. Got to the quarterback twice, but again failed to force turnovers. The defense got ran over by the Green Bay rushing attack. They ended up allowing 230 rushing yards. They did limit Packers QB Aaron Rodgers to only 218 yards passing, but did allow him to toss two touchdowns. They did make some good stops, but they could not get enough support from the offense, which led to the defense’ energy being depleted. Due¬†to serious lack of turnovers, and allowing a large amount of offense and giving nearly 38 minutes of ball possession to the Packers, defense gets a C-.

Special Teams: Well, we didn’t get to see Dan Bailey kick a field goal. We only saw him kick and make an extra-point. Lucky Whitehead only returned one kickoff, which was for only 22 yards. He returned three punts, but ended up with -6 yards of punt returning in the game. Chris Jones punted seven times for 325 yards. So we didn’t see anything special on special teams. Due to poor punt returning, they get a C.

Now this time, it’s for real. The season is now over. I don’t see Dallas finding a way to win the NFC East. From this point, I really don’t see it. The only thing they can do is just ride it out and try their hardest to rack a few more wins just to keep the faith and confidence up. Next Saturday, they’ll take on the New York Jets at home. The Jets are a tough team. But there’s one thing that Head Coach Jason Garrett and Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan need to consider, and that’s benching Matt Cassel and giving Kellen Moore a chance. Because Cassel can’t get the job done, and we need to see what Kellen Moore can do.