Dallas Cowboys Have New Additions

Texas Longhorn and former Chicago Bear returns home to shore up the Cowboys defense. Photo Courtesy: Matt Quinnan
Henry Melton returns home to shore up the Cowboys defense. Photo Courtesy: Matt Quinnan

By Will Martin

With baseball about to get started in the land of AC/DC and the marsupials it seemed somehow fitting that we remember the band that came to prominence for some great dance music and infectious funk. Two adverbs that could in effect best describe the current state of the Dallas Cowboys while fans and long time followers wonder in what direction and where this team shall be headed in 2014 and onward.

First how about a step back?

Go back to this day in 2006 when it was an absolute downpour of a weather day here in North Texas when a certain signing was made by Jerry Jones and the Silver and Blue. The new face came by way of Philadelphia and his nickname was T.O. To the rest of the world the name we know is Terrell Owens.

This was a joke I heard, no I cannot take credit for this-it might have been Dale Hansen who said this originally-but the joke went that the reason it rained so hard that March 18th 2006 was because of Tex Schramm and Tom Landry crying so hard in heaven at what Jerry Jones had done.

Here we are eight years later and the Dallas Cowboys now have two new additions to the club. Tony Romo became a Dad with wife Candace with a bouncing baby boy Rivers.

Also joining the Cowboys party was one time Grapevine prodigy and nephew to one time NFL player Ray Crockett (also represented by Jordan Woy) is ex-Chicago Bear Henry Melton. Melton and Rod Marinelli have some history together and as Mike Fisher has reported terms of the deal are a steal for Dallas.

A one year deal that is incentive based and then an option on a three year. Well within the budget Jerry and company intended for this offseason as they can now opt to look at other areas of concern. At issue for the defender is how well his knee recovers from ACL surgery. Melton is expected to be ready when training camp commences.

Henry Melton is ecstatic about the chance.

“It’s like you’re betting on yourself,” Melton said. “I feel like with me and my rehab and coming back with Rod and the good defense that’s here, I can get back to that form. I believe in that, and obviously they believe in me to get it done.”

Melton continued, “God has a plan for everybody,” Melton said. “It was all out of my hands. My agent (Jordan Woy) really didn’t know what the market value was. We were just going to visit some teams, see where everyone’s heads were at. I came here and pretty much fell in love, so that was the end of that story.”

It is also about to become confirmed that a new backup quarterback shall be in place to play back up to Tony Romo. A one time Cowboy elsewhere in Stillwater is also about to join the fray. He is ex Cleveland Browns starter Brandon Weeden. Another acquisition for next to nothing in allowing for more cap space.

Maybe. Just maybe Jerry Jones is beginning to get the hang of fiscal responsibility. Or maybe these are stop gap measures to allow for more room in 2015 for some big time purchases. Time will tell.

With the birth and acquisitions I now think of parodying an old classic by INXS. Cowboys version might be called, ‘Melton And The Son!’.

Countdown is on for Draft Day 2014. Which way will Dallas go at #16 or elsewhere?