The Creatives: Gregg Asher and Tayler Sandvick

Gregg & Tayler will be back for season 2 of Million Dollar Shoppers!
Gregg & Tayler plan on being back in action with a new show!

By Amber LaFrance

Shopping sprees…Dropping millions of dollars on clothes…Sounds intimidating to some, but Lifetime’s Million Dollar Shoppers, Gregg Asher and Tayler Sandvick, are focused and humble. The two met at a Christian Dior event in 2004 and have since been inseparable as partners in high-dollar fashion crime. Together, they use their keen fashion sense and outgoing personalities to take the fashion scene by storm for clients in New York, L.A. and of course their hometown of Dallas. As their professional portfolio expands, so do the endless critics, but these two aren’t easily shaken. Read more as they dish about the prospects of their own TV series spin-off, product lines and fashion collaborations in the works. These two fashion mavens plan to take over the fashion world…one disgustingly rich client at a time.

How did you get into personal shopping and where did these clients come from?
Tayler Sandvick: Oh wow! Now that’s a loooonnnngggg story. The gist…I’ve always been into fashion, ALWAYS! I started in college interning as a buyer for a highend boutique then after graduation I worked for Christian Dior. My degree is in journalism and PR so I always wanted to do fashion journalism/fashion PR and what better place to do that than in the fashion capital of the world, NYC. I started fashion blogging, covering NYC Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, fashion events and parties, etc…and one thing led to another and I began developing relationships in the fashion world and started picking up clients here and there and word of mouth spread, my client base grew, and here I am now!
Gregg Asher: Always had a flare for yard sale shopping as a child with my mother, I just kicked it up a notch in my Manolo’s with Tayler!

How did y’all get approached about doing Million Dollar Shoppers? Will there be a second season?
T: That was ALL Gregg!! He’s so determined and connected and a fantastic networker…he just made it happen…I just showed up for meetings when he told me to be there! Second season for MDS a no BUT we are in the works for our own spin-off as we speak!

Have you both lived in Dallas?
G: I’m from a small town in rural Arkansas, moved to Texas after graduation and a short jaunt of college at Arkansas State where I took ballroom dancing, bowling, and a trampoline course! That college education has served me well!
T: I actually don’t live in Dallas. I’m full-time NYC. I moved to Dallas right after college because I got married and my husband worked down there. But we were only there for a few years then moved to NYC. We had a house in Highland Park we just recently sold because we were never there except for Erik’s (the hubby) work but now I just come to Dallas to see my family an hour and half north, fashion events and of course to see Gregg!!

Has being on TV changed your relationship with each other?
T: I think it has brought us even that much closer together because we went through such a unique experience  together. We just really got to know each other on a much deeper level and I think it heightened our respect and appreciation of each other.

Dallas is known for reality TV, what makes your show so different compared to other shows?
T: Actually being recognized in public. It still amazes me that strangers know who I am, who we are, and come up to me and tell me how much they love us and the show. It’s very humbling.

Would you have done the show without each other?
T: Absolutely NOT!!! He’s my other fashion half!! Besides we wouldn’t be a dynamic duo without the other and it certainly would not have been as much fun or entertaining. Gregg lends a certain je ne c’est quoi…
G: Tayler was the perfect person for this project, so no!

How did y’all meet? Have y’all always been a duo?
T&G: We met 10 years ago at a Dior event and literally have been bff’s ever since. End of story, ha!

Advice on how to start your own personal shopping business? How do you develop relationships with designers and brands? What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten?
T: Don’t read anything about yourself, remain humble, grateful and always be kind and gracious to everyone.

Everyone has haters, how do you deal with yours?
T: Honestly, I have them but I haven’t had anything negative as of yet to deal with. Probably because I’m not really famous, ha! And also, I don’t read anything ever about myself. I get my self-worth from my relationship with The Lord and the people who really love me and care about me. It doesn’t hurt that I have an amazing husband who always builds me up and keeps me grounded. But let the nay-sayers say nay and I’ll just keep being Tay…okay, that was cheesy, sorry!

What’s next in both of your worlds?
T&G: The G&T project! We are sooooo excited about developing our own tv series, as well as our product lines and fashion collaborations. There’s so much in the works and on the horizon it’s hard to juggle it all. But we are so blessed, and so so very grateful…