Bring On De’Funct

These teams had to change hands or go away all together leaving their fans wondering what to do with their season tickets:

Montreal Wanderers
One of the first NHL teams wandered off of the ice and into the history books calling it quits after only six games due to a lack of players during WWI.

Pittsburg Pirates
No, not those guys, the other Pittsburg Pirates. In 1925 the NHL introduced the Pittsburg hockey Pirates but they only lasted five seasons.

Providence Steamrollers
Rhode Island had its first and only NBA team start in 1946 and fold in 1949. The team still holds the record of fewest games won in a season (6).

St. Louis Gunners
This long lost artifact of the NFL’s past played just three games at the end of the 1934 season before returning to the independent sector.

New Jersey Generals
This USFL team with Herschel Walker and Doug Flutie merged with the Houston Gamblers then went belly-up in 1986 after the NFL refused to merge with the fledgling league.

New York Cosmos
The Big Apple’s soccer club that included Pelé went the way of the Dodo a full year after
its original league (NASL) dissolved in 1984.

Seattle Pilots
This 1969 MLB expansion team hightailed to Milwaukee at the end of its very first season and has enjoyed being the Brewers ever since.

By Cote Bailey –

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