2 Minute Drill: Charles Barkley

The Dallas media caught up with Mr. Barkley while he was in town for Dirk Nowitzki’s Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game. And the little less Round Mound of Rebounds (thanks to Weight Watchers) gave us his view on a couple of topics.

On Dwight Howard
Dwight needs to make a decision. I’m sick of hearing about it every year where he’s going to go. He needs to grow up and make a decision. I don’t want to hear this stuff every year coming up on the trade deadline. Make a decision and live with it.

Still thinking about running for office?
No, I don’t think so. I’m not going to run for office right now.

On if the Mavs don’t get Deron Williams
Well, it won’t put them obviously in a good situation. But I’m not sure even if they get Deron. They have to get bigger too. That was the difference last year when they had Tyson and Deshawn Stevenson and those guys. They were much bigger. The reason they lost to the Heat the first time [was because] they were too small, too [dependent on] finesse. If they get Deron will they be better? But I’m not sure they can beat the bigger teams out West.

On joining his own “Big Three” out in Houston to win a championship
We [Clyde, Hakeem, and myself] were too old. We were all past our prime.

On NBA Big Three powerhouse teams
I like a competitive balance from the fans standpoint. You don’t want [the NBA] to be like baseball where you’ve got five legitimate teams and the rest stink. I don’t want that in basketball.

Is it headed that way now?
Well, I think you have to wait. I think commissioner Stern did a lot of good things in the collective bargaining agreement to try to make it a more level playing field. It’s going to be interesting because they’re in trouble in Oklahoma City because I don’t think they can pay all of those guys. It’s going to be a very interesting next few years in the NBA.

On who he had picked to win it all
I had Miami winning it all. It was an easy pick too.

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