What Your Bartender Should Be

Simple rules to make us want to give bartenders more money! Image Courtesy: Paris
Simple advice to make us want to give bartenders more money! Image Courtesy: Paris

By Wendy Wyatt

The definition of “bartending” is a description for a professional individual whose responsibilities are making drinks and cocktails according to Ask.com. Well …Ask.com, where is the mention of the people these bartenders are tending bar to exactly? Maybe that’s why bartenders suck these days, there’s no mention of people!

I am not a professional bar fly, nor am I the gal who knows everyone running the bar. Well, that’s the old me. I am now a gal who is married to a fella who enjoys whiskey, and we have a spawn we nicknamed “Hoo.” We like the occasional date night and no, they are not some romantic dinner with candlelight, they’re spent at a bar – complete with beers and shots.

Over the years, we’ve shared convos about the “good ole years.” In other words, when the person behind the bar actually gave a shit.

So, here’s my advice to all you aspiring “Flanagans:”
1) Talk to everyone who is ordering a drink from you. Not just your fellow bartenders who are out on their night off or people you feel who look like you so they must be your friends. Everyone. Patrons make a choice to go to your bar, the least you could do is have a conversation. And I am talking more than “what are you drinking?”

2) Don’t judge a book by its cover. Remember who I am? The gal who is married. You know what else? We’re the couple who tip and tip maja’. It’s a simple math equation. Piece of advice No. 1 + advice No. 2 = more dollars for you. It’s a win-win for all.

3) And lastly, fake it. Fake it ‘til you make it. I don’t expect you to remember everyone’s drink orders (the Sally Albright’s of the world will screw you), but remember something. If you see the same person at your bar more than twice you better remember a fact – the exact drink order, the last time he/she was there, or Christ, the name of a pet. Something.

Now, go on little grasshopper… be the best you can be. Oh wait, that’s the Army.