April Edition: Hilarious Advice From This Guy

Read the wise words of this man!
Read the wise words of this man!

Here’s a bit of advice from Blitz Weekly for you guys and girls out there.

By Cote Bailey

1) Stay away from any woman whose friends call her princess.

2) If you’re not ready to be in a relationship and you sleep with a girl who is, guess what? You’re in a relationship.

3) Everyone you date is going to have baggage. You just have to pray that it’s a locked Samsonite and not an open duffle bag.

4) If you can still drive safely while kissing a beautiful woman… you ain’t paying enough attention to that woman.

5) Don’t pet porcupines against the grain and don’t challenge guys with nicknames like “big fist,” “Butch” or “Mad Dog” to a fight.

6) Always be a glass is “half-full” type of guy. Most of those “half-empty” guys are alcoholics.