Angela Scott Will Save Us All

Angela Scott is enjoying the fruits of her labor and then some!
Angela Scott is enjoying the fruits of her labor and then some!

Angela Scott Is a Designer Who Knows Men’s Footwear

By Amber LaFrance

In case you didn’t already know, women always, and I mean ALWAYS, check out a man’s shoes. A pair of cross-trainers on a date can be a deal-breaker, but a nice pair of wingtips or bold dress shoes can be a deal-maker.

Every man needs a great pair of shoes. We’ve been admiring luxury footwear designer and Dallas transplant Angela Scott’s traditionally handcrafted shoes for quite some time. The attention to detail is unreal. Her men’s line in particular boasts bold patterns and colors, but the traditional cut and craftsmanship of the line is very old school itself.

Scott is taking over the men’s footwear market one pair at a time. Between fleeting off to New York City to meet with potential designers and traveling to California to source custom-dyed hemp from a friend, she’s been one busy girl. The coveted shoe designs were even on display at the Dallas Contemporary in a very cool Lavish exhibit. It featured her working alongside a diverse selection of clothing, jewelry, textiles and sculptural installations by six local artists and designers.

We had the pleasure of talking with the quirky and brilliant Scott this month in her Victory Park studio space to ask a few questions about her line for gentlemen: The Office of Mister Scott.

Tell us what initially inspired you to design shoes for men?
“I have always been inspired from the onset by menswear style and tradition, so the men’s collection seemed like a natural compliment to the line. There is something so sophisticated about the lines, leathers and simplicity, but also the strength in menswear.”

Describe the ideal style of your target male customer.

What are some of your favorite trends right now in menswear?
“I love that men are getting more adventurous with fashion in general especially with bold colors and prints, but I also love the infusion of sportswear and luxury, like leather baseball jackets with suit pants.”

How do you feel your designs are contributing to/changing menswear?
“I hope to add a little fun in menswear fashion. The Office of Mister Scott is inspired by the union of two enduring perspectives. The first, a deep admiration for the authenticity and quality of traditional craftsmanship and the second, an appreciation of the punk mentality and aesthetic; not in the typical sense, but rather a do-it-yourself ethic. We value independence, cultivate old-world attention to detail, and never take ourselves too seriously. In a word – or two – we are HERITAGE PUNK.”

What would you say are the shoes every man should have in his closet?
“A wingtip brogue is a must.”

How would you encourage men to step up their shoe game?
“Get creative, stop buying black and brown…go for a cobalt blue or an oxblood red!”

As a shoe designer, you are very dedicated to the traditions and process. Do you think this resonates with your male customers?
“Men appreciate quality. They don’t purchase shoes like women do, so quality, craftsmanship and integrity weigh heavily on their decisions when purchasing a new pair of luxury shoes. The level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into each pair of The Office of Mister Scott shoes is a testament to my love of quality and traditional artisan shoe-making and I hope that resonates with them as much as it does with me.”

What currently is inspiring you in your designs that will come out next?
“I’m obsessed with woven leathers.”

When we first started chatting with you, you were back and forth between New York City and Dallas for buying season. What have you been up to in NYC?
“New York always breathes life back into me. Every time I land at JFK I feel invigorated, like anything is possible. And with possibility comes growth and maybe a little bit of trouble! In the best way possible.”

We’ve heard that someone in particular inspired your love for menswear, even bowties in particular. Tell us a little about who that might be.
“Well let’s just say that when my grandfather passed away he was reincarnated in his granddaughter. My poor mother wanted a little girl (after three boys) and what she got in return was a little girl who dressed up like a little old man!! My grandfather and I must have met in a former life because the few years he was alive we bonded pretty strongly. I consider this company an ode to him. I still have a box of his bowties (that yes I wore to school when I was 10-12) that are a symbol of strength and love, fashion and character; the four corners of where my style and drive originated.”

What’s next for the designer? Scott is about to stock her Victory Park boutique shelves with new spring 2014 looks, which feature the hand-dyed hemp and carefully tooled leather looks for which she’s famous. A true creative, she tells us she “will continue to search for all that makes (her) a better designer, thinker and do-er.”