8 Shows To Binge-Watch

Who needs to pay for cable when you can binge watch these great shows.
Who needs to pay for cable when you can binge-watch these great shows.

By Ethan Harmon

You may have heard about people binge-watching shows on Netflix, Hulu or HBOGo. If you don’t know what that means, essentially it involves watching every episode of a show over the course of a day or several days. It may seem like a huge undertaking, but there are certain shows that you simply must watch all the way through because of how incredible they can be. Here are eight shows you need to binge-watch right now:

Game of Thrones Available on: HBOGo
This show is now a household name. Everyone has either watched the show, read the books, or both. The first two seasons are crafted with insane detail and precision, with great characters that make up a world-expanding story. Although Season 3 was not as good as the first two, you should definitely watch all three seasons and prepare for the upcoming fourth.

True Detective Available on: HBOGo
There has been a lot of hype surrounding this show. It revolved around two detectives, portrayed with great depth by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, as they investigate a very disturbing case. More character study than crime-solving-drama, True Detective is an engrossing experience.

Battlestar Galactica Available on: Netflix
Battlestar is a show that hits the ground running. After years of peace, the evil Cylons return to their home-world and immediately destroy it, leaving the human race to seek refuge amongst the stars. This show gets very philosophical, but also builds each character as the story progresses. Highly recommended.

House of Cards Available on: Netflix
Of course you have heard people talking or Tweeting about House of Cards. There’s a reason for that. Kevin Spacey plays the wonderfullysinister Frank Underwood, a senator who will do anything and everything to get what he wants. The first two seasons are on Netflix, and you need to watch both right away!

Community Available on: Hulu
Dan Harmon’s show about a bunch of outcasts in a community college not only is funny, but heart-warming. With an incredible cast, and some very crazy episodes (who has seen the paintball episodes?), Community is well worth your time.

Trigun Available on: Netflix
Trigun is simply amazing. It’s part sci-fi, part steampunk, part western and all awesome. It follows a legendary outlaw named Vash the Stampede, who may or may not be as bad has his name implies. It’s wonderfully written and animated, and if you haven’t watched an anime before, this is a great one to start with.

Doctor Who Available on: Netflix
Yeah, this show has been unfortunately labeled as a “nerdy” show, but hear me out. I watched it after a friend recommended it, and I wasn’t able to stop after the first few episodes. It’s wonderful, amazing, fun, happy, sad, sci-fi, fantasy…almost everything wrapped into one show. Start with the newer seasons (which came out in 2005).

Sherlock Available on: Netflix (you may have to rent the latest season)
There have been threads on Reddit trying to figure out the cliffhanger on Season 2. Theories were posted and analyzed, obsessively trying to figure out how it went down. And that was just for one episode! Sherlock is just that good. It’s a beautifully written and acted modern-day take on the classic character.