Anaïs St. John

May 31, 2012

Everyone sings, some just sing better than others and New Orleans-born jazz singer Anaïs St. John changes words into music and songs into memories. Her soulful and smoky additions to the genre has become a […]

Dallas’ Sexiest Bartender

May 30, 2012

We’ve all been there: Sitting at the bar waiting for the bartender and when she arrives you start to want more than a drink. Well, Claire is that bartender. The angel of Redneck Heaven sends […]

Excuse Me Miss

May 30, 2012

These lines are guaranteed to get you her number…or slapped in the face. Just to be safe, do us a favor and sign this waiver at the bottom… If you were a burger at McDonald’s […]

Stanley Cup Preview

May 30, 2012

If you had the Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals before the regular season began, I would like you to pick the six numbers in the Texas Lottery […]

Paul Leone

May 29, 2012

How You Know Him: He’s Mr. Beer America TV! And when he’s not editing, predicting beer trends, and refereeing knife fights with Muppets he still finds time to be a pretty awesome guy. What’s the […]

Health News: The Power of Protein

May 29, 2012

The protein powders and drink selections we have to choose from today are expansive in comparison to the few flavors of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry the health food stores and athletic gyms initially offered years […]

Ultimate Power Ranger

May 29, 2012

What would happen if you took the best attributes of the best Texas Rangers and put them all together Frankenstein style to create the ultimate Ranger? Let’s find out. Mind of Al Oliver: Playing in all […]

Will Smith

May 28, 2012

Cue the music…here come the men in black! Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones suit up for a third installment of the popular Men in Black sci-fi, comedy/action series, and Josh Brolin joins the dynamic […]

The Dictator

May 28, 2012

Well, Sacha Baron Cohen is at it again. The comedian that brought Ali G, Borat and Bruno to life has aimed to make you uncomfortable with his style of comedy of American terrorist stereotypes with […]

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