Dallas’ Sexiest Bartender

We’ve all been there: Sitting at the bar waiting for the bartender and when she arrives you start to want more than a drink. Well, Claire is that bartender. The angel of Redneck Heaven sends out arrows from Cupid as she steals hearts with every pour. Here’s where things get interesting; Claire is no harp-playing goody-goody angel – nope. She’s more like the Harley straddling, tattooed, flame throwing, Jack on the rocks type of angel – the type of angel that your mom warned you about. Her refined rockstar sex appeal will make you run up one hell of a bar tab. This should be fun.

What got you behind the bar in the first place?
I initially got the job at Redneck Heaven so I could afford Bartending School; three years later, I’m still here behind the bar. Never went to Bartending School and I’m kicking ass. It feels great to be a part of the biggest growing breastaurant in DFW. I just gradually moved my way up constantly trying to prove myself by giving 100% each day. And I guess it paid off.

What makes you the sexiest bartender in Dallas?
My eyebrows – haaa – I’m kidding, I just said that because everyone was hating on ‘em. I would say my confidence and my energy. You know the moment I walk into a room the party has arrived!

Biggest tip you ever got…
From one guy I’d say $700. One “Bikini Beach Party Monday” every time we got a guy a drink he’d slip my fellow Redneck girls or me a $100 or a $50. We killed it that night!

What’s your signature drink? 
I make a shot called a “T*tty F*cker.” You should come try it! And no, I will not tell you my secret recipe.

Official drink of the DFW douchebag…
I don’t know about DFW but I’d say Michelob Ultra in a bottle is an overall douchebag beer.

Most embarrassing moment at work…
I don’t really get embarrassed easily. I’d say [when] I fell with some drinks one time. It just sucked more than anything.

If you could pour a drink for anyone in the world who would it be?
Justin Timberlake or Miles Austin. I’m in LOVE with both.

Number one way to get the bartender’s phone number…
You don’t. Haa. I never give out my number unless they are my regulars that I’ve known for a loooong time and aren’t creepos.

Any advice for guys at the bar?
Don’t try to pick up your bartender then leave a sh*tty tip. There’s nothing worse than men who are all talk. They yap your ear off for hours then leave their number on the receipt with a sh*tty tip. You really think that’s gonna happen buddy!? Or don’t be that guy that hits on every single woman. How desperate can you be?


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