Will Power Rangers Live up to Expectations?

By Kyler Kuehler

Power Rangers is set to be released on March 24, 2017, and with two trailers already released audiences are beginning to get pumped for this action-packed film that will tell a whole new story from the original television series “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.”

From what has been exposed so far makes the film appear to be a big hit when it hits the big screen, but we must ask ourselves if it really will be?

Let’s take a look at what the film has to offer.

We first come to the story of the film, which is close to the original television series, but only this time it will focus on a group of troubled teens who look to have no hope of a future and no place in the world whatsoever. Seems a legit way to set up a story, but when they discover a secret power off in the distance their lives take a massive turn as they notice a total physical change thus leading them to become the Power Rangers. For a movie that is mainly targeting the teenage and older children it is a great idea to have the main characters not only close to their age but come with big problems that these people face at this point in their young lives. That’s a good start, but what about the villain and does she have what it takes to help give the film its potential.

The film’s villain Rita Repulsa, played by Elizabeth Banks, is an alien invader and former Green Ranger now seeking the Zeo Crystal, which is an artifact that gives the Rangers their powers and hand it to her master Lord Zedd. Again this seems like a reasonable way to have the film follow, but will she actually help the film rise to success?

When she was first introduced in the original trailer we did not know much about and questioned what she truly was all about. Then when the second trailer was released more of her character was revealed as she revealed her powers of evil and how much of a threat to the world she was, which is just what an action-packed film like this one will need in order to live up to the expectations it strives for. I mean, who wants an action film without a hardcore villain that strives to get what they want at all costs?

For all that is known so far and seen from the trailers it looks as if the film just might be all that audiences are expecting, but since it hasn’t hit the big screen yet we can only wait to see what the film really leaves behind after it is seen by millions around the world.