Will Alexander Gustafsson Finally Become a UFC Champion?

Alexander Gustafsson (l.) has battled Jon Jones (r.) twice. Would the third time be the charm? Photo Courtesy: legendashow
Alexander Gustafsson (l.) has battled Jon Jones (r.) twice. Would the third time be the charm?
Photo Courtesy: legendashow

By Kyler Kuehler

Number one ranked light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson has been on a mission to become the first ever Swedish champion in the history of the UFC and with his two intense wars against former champion Jon Jones and current champion Daniel Cormier have shown the world he does have great potential to possibly become the champion someday.

After coming off a two-loss streak and back on the winning path with victories over Jan Blachowicz and Glover Teixeira, Gustafsson appears to be ready for a third crack at the belt against the winner of the rematch between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones, which is scheduled to headline UFC 214 in Anaheim, California.

Now it is not finalized that he will face the winner of the upcoming bout, but it most likely will and when it does fans can be sure to see another war no matter who he faces.

Since we don’t know who it will be we must wonder who he probably has the best chance of winning against and when it all comes down to it he has a pretty even chance against both from his boxing and kickboxing combination mixed with wrestling have been proven against both his former opponents to be of great use to the point he almost walked away with the belt in both fights.

As everyone knows both Cormier and Jones are well-rounded athletes who are almost impossible to beat and with Gustafsson’s style proving to be a great threat to both of them shows he has what it takes to take the belt if he learns from his mistakes and finds where Cormier and Jones are their weakest.

Even from Gustafsson’s recent victory over Glover Teixeira has been a great example of just how dangerous of a contender he is in the light heavyweight division with his walk through of how he both controlled and paced himself to where he learned Teixeira’s style while dominating to the point he discovered his weakness and put the fight away.

If he did this in his rematches against Cormier or Jones I could see the outcome turning out different for him to where he not only would be the first Swedish champion but finally receive the respect and gratitude he is long overdue for on helping get Europe on the map in the sport of mixed martial arts.