What To Expect While Watching The Super Bowl

By Jason Fleck


Can’t be a Super Bowl without the commercials

Every year even non-football fans tune in just for the commercials. Monday morning everyone will chime in on which company featured the best or funniest Super Bowl ads.



Lip-synced halftime show

Beyonce has recently been accused of lip-syncing the National Anthem at President Obama’s inauguration. Will the same accusations happen for her halftime show performance or will it be a live performance? There might just be another halftime show controversy brewing, but a halftime show sure isn’t a halftime show without controversy. Nobody wants a boring show, this will be far from that.



Ray Lewis career montage

There is sure to be a walk down hard-hitting memory lane reminiscing on the bone-breaking hits of Ray’s career.




Player trouble story

A Super Bowl in the Big Easy can almost guarantee players getting into trouble. Being a part of one of the biggest sporting events in the world, it is impossible for players not to be noticed. Some players won’t be able to control themselves in these bright lights and we will hear about it.



Kaepernicking sightings

Behind Ray Lewis, Colin Kaepernick will be the second most mentioned name in this year’s Super Bowl. He now has his team playing for the World Championship. Just a few weeks after he signed to get the rights to his bicep kissing move, he will be doing some Kaepernicking in the end zone.



Ravens Old School D vs Niners New School D

The Ravens have had one of the best defenses in the league for years, not though this year it has fallen off a bit. The Niners have recently established themselves as one of the better defensive teams in the league. You can expect this to be a defensive game. Old guys vs. Young studs.


Joe Flacco looks to strengthen his case as a postseason QB

Joe Flacco is currently 8-4 in playoff games with 6 of those coming on the road, he has secured his place as a winner in the playoffs. The Ravens have always been known as a defensive team, but have recently come on offensively. Flacco has been a huge part in that resurgence. Everyone knows that quarterbacks are remembered for the rings they win, if you can’t win your team a championship, you will always be known as a loser. Good luck…


Unbeatable 49ers talk

The 49ers have yet to lose a Super Bowl game they have competed in and they are bound to keep that going. The Ravens may have the momentum and/or destiny on their side, but that means absolutely nothing to those stubborn Niners. Jim Harbaugh will look like a genius and the Niners move to 6-0 in Super Bowl games. Now that is amazing.