We Rock, U Suck!

1) We believe “Occupying” vacant parking lots and sleeping in tents changes the world

2) We can play video games, text our mom, check the weather, buy stock, send an email,
and watch porn on one device

3) Chuck Norris

4) We feed pink slime burgers to kids but remember to recycle cans

5) We totally b*tch-slapped England

6) Beer Pong is a sport

7) Never having to wake up in Slovakia

8) Having a sex tape and big butt can make your whole family rich

9) We invented “sexting”

10) You can laugh at anything as long as it’s on South Park or Family Guy

11) We speak English everywhere we go:
Detroit: Gimme a cheeseburger
Paris: Gimme a la cheesburgeria
Mexico City: Gimme el cheeseburgerio

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