UFC on Fox 5

By Stephen Kelley

Held in Seattle Washington, UFC on Fox 5 will showcase great fight match ups, intriguing storylines and hopefully devastating finishes. The upcoming card UFC on Fox 5 will be the best live Fox presentation yet. The marriage of the two lovebirds started on rocky grounds with quick knockouts and uncontested belt cards, but this card is great culmination of talent and hype potentially making spectacular fights.

Ben “Smooth” Henderson (16-2-0) vs Nate Diaz (16-7-0)

The Lightweight Championship belt is finally granted the main stage in the night’s main bout. Henderson, the current UFC Lightweight Champion is coming in with a perfect record in the UFC at 5-0 while opponent Nate Diaz is coming off a three fight win streak in his last five bouts. The Champion will need to watch out for Diaz not only on the ground where Nate is known for his Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, but up top as well where his old school boxing hands can do damage. Henderson has the ability to knockout and submit, but his bread and butter comes from takedowns and going long in to rounds. Henderson will need to out wrestle Diaz. Clay Guida fought Diaz and kept him on his back and used his “ground and pound” to frustrate and ultimately beat him. If Henderson can stick to his game I don’t see the belt changing hands. My Pick: Ben “Smooth” Henderson in five rounds via unanimous decision.

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (21-6-0) vs Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson (14-1-0)

While looking at each fighter’s record the answer would be clear in this fight: Gustafsson. I don’t see it so one sided, Rua is a devastating monster that I feel still has his killer instinct as he did in Pride. This fight is the underrated fight of the night and has highlight reel written all over it. Rua’s back is against the wall and he has a chance to make a statement Saturday with a win over undefeated Gustafsson. Shogun comes in with a rubber band record going 3-5 while loosing after each win. Rua I feel will display his striking dominance of old as when he won his UFC and Pride belts. Gustafsson is no slouch either- winning in all three areas: subs, K.O’s., and decisions. I see this scrap going to the third round and fireworks will be popping with these giants. My Pick: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in the third round with a K.O.

B.J. “The Prodigy” Penn (16-8-2) vs Rory “Ares” MacDonald (13-1-0)

Many believe this fight will out shine all others and certainly looks to become the strong fight of the night winner. So much controversy has come from this fight with B.J. urging fans he’s back and Rory declaring it doesn’t matter and he will still bash Penn’s face in. B.J has done this to the UFC faithful so many times but do we buy it? I say yes, he looks like he has actually trained, sparred and shredded weight. However, the unwavering Rory MacDonald looks determined as ever and ready to win. Penn and Rory are equally proficient in their ground games and both of their takedown defenses are impeccable. If it’s the Penn of old, I want to see his amazing boxing and his beautiful Jiu-Jitsu. Rory needs to come in unemotional, unlike his fight against Carlos Condit where he had his only loss. He has the tools and Rory just needs to use them correctly. My Pick: Rory MacDonald in the second round- TKO.

Mike “Quick” Swick (15-4-0) vs Matt “The Immortal” Brown (17-11-0)

Mike Swick and Matt Brown are UFC journeymen who have had their ups and downs throughout their separate careers. This fight I feel could spell the beginning of the end for one, and a jumping off point for the other. Each fighter is in their thirties and both have at least 15 wins to their name. Matt Brown however has increasingly more losses than Swick’s four. Swick’s downfall is his health. He has been in and out of injuries from esophageal surgeries to hand ligament damage. Each fighter will look to stay on their feet, keep their bases and swing away. Swick has had multiple Knockout Honors from the UFC and Brown is devastatingly accurate when it comes to his striking. This fight is evenly matched, but for Swick to have an upper hand he should wait for an opportunity to submit Brown if possible, most of Brown’s 11 losses have been submissions. My Pick: Mike Swick with a submission choke in the first round.


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