UFC Fight Night 41 Preview

Another good card with some excellent fights scheduled. So who you got?
Another good card with some excellent fights scheduled. So who you got?

By Lance LeVan

(#7) Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Munoz (13-4-0) vs. (#11) Gegard Mousasi (34-4-2)
This is a five round, middleweight bout (185 lbs.) with two very impressive fighters. This is going to be a very exciting fight to watch. Munoz is a wrestler as well as a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Mousasi is a black belt in Judo as well as a boxer and kick boxer. Mousasi is known for his calmness under pressure and his punching. Munoz is known for his tenacity and he always pushes forward. It will be interesting to see if Mousasi can keep the wrestler away with his punches and kicks…or if Munoz will work his way inside and get the takedown. I am interested to see if Munoz’s wrestling is better than Mousasi’s judo. I think that this fight might take “Fight of the Night” honors. Neither of these guys are going to stall or run around the octagon. In my opinion, Mousasi is a beast and is going to move up the rankings after this fight. My prediction: Mousasi gets the TKO in the fourth round.

(#9) Francis “Limitless” Carmont (22-7-0) vs. CB “The Doberman” Dollaway (15-6-0)
This is a three round, middleweight bout (185 lbs.) I have seen Carmont fight a couple of times and I must say, I am impressed by his athleticism and his violence. He throws all of his punches with evil behind them. He appears to just be an “all-around-fighter”. Dollaway is a Muay Thai/wrestler. Just like the last Fight Night that had CB in it…I completely expect this fight to go to the ground quickly and expect a lot of ground-and-pound. This has the potential to be a very bloody match. The last time, I chose Dollaway to pull out the win. However, after watching several of Carmont’s fights…I have to give the advantage to “Limitless”. My prediction: Carmont wins via TKO.

Luke “The Bigslow” Barnatt (8-0-0) vs. Sean “Tarzan” Strickland (14-0-0)
This middleweight bout (185 lbs.) is set for three rounds. These are two up-and-coming fighters in the UFC. Barnatt is the tallest fighter in his division at 6’6”. He will have a 5” height advantage against Strickland. However, height is not always an “advantage” in MMA. I saw Strickland fight at UFC 171 in Dallas, Texas this year, and I was very impressed with his submission. If the much taller Barnatt is not careful, “Tarzan” may climb up there and choke him out. Both of these fighters are undefeated in their MMA career, but everyone can say that until their first loss. No matter what, someone has to lose. After doing the research and watching some fight films…in this writer’s opinion, I think that the extra six fights that Strickland has will be the difference in this fight. Barnatt has fought more in the UFC, but those were TUF fights…not on a big stage. My prediction: Strickland wins via submission.

Disagree with me? Let me know via twitter @BlitzWeekly and we’ll see who has better picks the night of the fights.