Top Halloween Hooligans

By Keysha Hogan

There are some people that you just don’t !#$& with:  Chuck Norris, Kimbo Slice and, of course, the Wu-Tang Clan. Throughout the year we take time to celebrate the heroic good-guys in the NFL, but this Halloween let’s focus on the downright dirty players we love to hate.


Randy Moss

Since joining the NFL 1998, Moss has carried the reputation of a great wide-receiver who will play only when he feels like it. His attitude has placed him firmly in the ranks of diva wide-receivers who are known for disrespecting his QB, coach and team. And much like Terrell Owens, it’s easier for these players to forget it’s a team effort and blame everyone but themselves.


Ndamukong Suh

This Detroit Lions defensive tackle has built up a formidable reputation for playing dirty. Last Thanksgiving he soured a national holiday by turf stomping a lineman in front of a national audience. In the first year and half of his career he racked up a whopping $42,500 in fines for three violations. And if his reputation isn’t scary enough for you, if you sign up for the Suh Fan Club on his personal website you’re eligible to win a giveaway (which feels like code for a punch to the face.)


Ben Roethlisberger

“Big” Ben has certainly turned a corner in recent years. In Super Bowl XLV, he was voted most hated player in the game. Allegations of two separate sexual assaults have plagued the athlete as he’s attempted to rehab his image. He just seemed like he doesn’t understand how serious the claims were, and offered this apology:  “So for all the people who still don’t like me, let me say: ‘I am sorry for all of the raping I have done in the past. I’m going to do my best to not do more raping. I hope we can all move past the raping now. That’s all I will say on the matter.'”


Michael Vick

Just 5 short years ago, QB Michael Vick was public enemy #1. His war on Cujo is well documented, but did you know that before the dogfighting he allegedly went by the name “Ron Mexico.” Reports claim that Mr. Mexico used the name at clinics to receive treatment for genital herpes. Catching a disease is certainly not a crime, but Vick settled out of court after being sued by a woman claiming he infected her while knowing his diagnosis.


New Orleans Saints Bountygate Crew

Everyone involved in Bountygate receive an automatic honorable mention for bad behavior. They built a culture that rewarded players for vicious hits and cruelty and forced the country to face the barbaric turn this sport can take. And after it was revealed that the coaches and front office were involved, the country was shocked at the Godfather-like levels of power and money involved. Commissioner Goodell’s only choice was to respond with the most severe punishments for in-game misconduct in the history of the league.