The Drew Show

By C. Patterson

Already a favorite among the legions of fans of America’s Team, Drew Pearson finds himself still a man on a mission. As successful a career that he has had both on and off the field, there seems to be more to be done. In his latest adventure the Hail Mary receiver is attempting to woo more of the Cowboy faithful with the Drew Pearson Show on FOX Sports Southwest. An undertaking that like most things that Drew does, bets big.

“It’s more that just sports,” says Drew in a slightly arrogant in a good way. When have you known Mr. Pearson to lack confidence or candor for that matter? “We cover a variety of topics ranging from cars, restaurants and entertainment to sports.” The show has no shortage of star power either with guests ranging from actors to of course the Cowboy elite. And ever the showman Drew is not shy about letting you know what sets his new show apart, “we’re not just stuck in the studio, we go on location for our shows.” It seems that his mobility of the field has transcended into his life in front of the camera.

In his preparation for the show I learned that everything matters. “Staying focused, accomplishing your goals and maintaining your mental toughness…” are among the traits that silver and blue bleeding warrior holds as keys to success in this business, as well as, in life. But there is more to the man than an insatiable thirst to overachieve. Philanthropy is what drives the original number 88. Pearson’s recent involvement with the Make-A-Wish Foundation brought an undeniable air of excitement to his voice. “They came to us and we were happy to help. Each episode we feature a 501(c)(3) charity. The partnership that we formed with Make-A-Wish North Texas will allow us to make a wish come true of January 2, 2013. It will be something special.”

How could one not expect a student of Tom Landry to be as dedicated in every facet of his life as Coach Landry demanded that they be dedicated on the field? Drew’s tenacity in the realm of business and his philanthropic efforts is a mirror image to the way he has lived his life, pursuing victory against all odds. The fact that he does it with a bit of swagger is just icing on the cake or salt in the wound depending on whose side are you on.

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