The Devil Inside

Who’s up for a good old fashioned exorcism? Glazed over eyes, extreme body contortions, cement wall head-slamming and satanic findings…any takers? Darn. Well, should any of you wussies wish to grow a pair I would recommend the story of Isabella Rossi and her completely creeped out mother Maria, who coincidently is possessed. Isabella played by Fernanda Andrade spends her evenings reading books, enjoying long walks on the beach and searching for unsanctioned exorcist to free ol’ Mommy Dearest from evil incarnate. Maria (Suzan Crowley) has been conveniently tucked away in a “Catholic” psychiatric ward in Rome after killing three people during an attempted exorcism.

The movie takes you on Isabella’s journey to make a documentary on her mother and demons. The banshee-like scream at the end of the initial family reunion will haunt your subconscious from now to let’s say forever. After seeing her mother in full-blown Satan mode Isabella is completely convinced that her mom is indeed possessed. So possessed in fact that she needs two priests to ghostbuster Maria, only problem is they don’t have the official go ahead from the church. In essence it’s a black market exorcism.

After the attempted exorcism is botched, one of the priests must have gotten some of the devil juice on himself because during a baptism he attempted to drown a baby. Maria and the rest of the group now realize that they are dealing with a crafty little body-jumping demon.

Spoiler alert: Now no one is safe from possession, which means no one can be trusted. Just when things get creepy to the point of no return this cliffhanger let’s you go…no seriously. The lights come on and you are forced to exit the theater and go home wondering.

Ok, don’t expect this to be an Oscar winning acting performance. If you expect a nightmarish movie that makes you afraid of anyone who mumbles to himself then you shouldn’t be disappointed.

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