The Blinding Knife

By Ethan Harmon

The Battle of Garriston has been lost. The Prism is losing his control of his powers and the world around him is crumbling to pieces. The Color Prince and his army of powerful drafters are marching, bringing war to the Seven Satrapies and leaving destruction in their wake. Kip, the bastard son of Gavin Guile – the Prism – is caught in the middle. His powers are growing, but he does not have the training, skill, and wit to use them properly. Gavin must venture onward to prevent a full-scale invasion and save his people, leaving Kip with his best guard, Ironfist, to train. But the shadows stretch further, covering the light that surrounds their lives. Will Kip be able to become something more than a shunned bastard? How will he deal with Gavin’s scheming father, Andross? And why is Kip’s dagger so coveted?

Brent Weeks continues to build his fantasy epic in his latest release, The Blinding Knife. Weeks laid the foundation for his master work in The Black Prism, and now he is adding to the intrigue with the sequel. Weeks has a fantastic grip on his narrative, which he weaves flawlessly throughout the course of the story. He allows the readers to experience the plot through the characters, giving a wide range of perspective so that the story does not come off as cheap or one-sided. The author’s character work has improved greatly – not that it was bad to begin with – crafting truly magnificent, deep protagonists and malicious, cunning antagonists.

The progression of the story is very balanced, with rich plot spreading out the very exciting action-filled moments. There is much mystery surrounding this book, more so than the first volume. Seeds planted from the first novel sprout in this edition, growing into something more enigmatic and intriguing. Every chapter will propel readers further into this mesmerizing world, not letting them put down the book, making them turn the next page to see what happens next.

  The Blinding Knife is a great sequel (I dare say it’s better than the first book) to the Lightbringer Series. Brent Weeks has written a book that instantly captures the imagination and dares you to try to put it down. It is a magical experience and a must-read for anyone who likes the fantasy genre. Pick up a copy of The Blinding Knife and experience this incredible story. For those who are interested in the series, read The Black Prism before diving into this book.