The Answer Guy: September 25th 2012

Dear Arthur,

So my ex just became a porn star.  The problem is that while we were together she barely did anything with me. So it has me wondering, how do I unleash the inner sexual beasts of women and stop being the lame guy?

Signed, Lioness tamer

Thanks to the Internet, we’re all porn stars!  Heck even your favorite Answer Guy has filmed a girl or two while ravaging her body with my Fifty Shades of Gray type sex arsenal. But, we’re not here to discuss my attempts at sexual bravado.  However thanks to them…I’m more than equipped to help you.

I have a sacred belief that everyone has a little kinkiness in them. The trick is that not everyone can bring out that freakiness in just anyone. Take the girl I’m dating for example, she had a habit of stopping herself from having an orgasm and an even harder time allowing herself to squirt! Many women feel like they’re going to have either an asthma attack or violently pee on their partner in these circumstances.

The thing is you have to make a woman feel comfortable in any situation, especially when it comes to having sex. Let her whisper in your ear all of the dirty little secret fantasies she’s never told anyone. Once she does that; Act upon those fantasies!

There’s a lot of sexual diversity out there that many people tend to shy away from. That’s BORING! I tell people daily that if the sex is boring than someone is going to either cheat or leave! If you want to go from being lame in bed to bringing a woman the orgasmic Hall of Fame, than you need to take these words to heart! I’m going to coin a phrase right here and now “STEP UP YOUR SEX!”