The Answer Guy: October 2nd 2012

Dear Arthur,

My long time pale now super spray tanned girlfriend really wants fake boobs and I am totally against it. She has been hanging out with a group of girls that I think are bad news (as in skuz buckets). Is it true that once good girls have gone bad there’s no coming back?

Signed, Hitting the road Jack 


Thanks for writing Jack! I was just reading an article about a woman named Cristal Paulette Richardson, who allusively killed her boyfriend and cut off his penis in a Motel 6 here in Dallas in April of this year. Now, that’s a good girl gone bad!

Your girlfriend-turned-Barbie doll is facing more of an identity crisis more than anything. Here are a few things that I’ve learned during my thirty-something odd years that may help you deal with the newest member of the “skuz bucket” crew.

One, sometimes women like a bit of change in their lives. Some women will change their hair or OBGYN, and others may change their friends or the man in their life.

Two, if a woman has truly gone over to the dark side of the force and started stripping for profit, dating gangbangers with would-be rap careers, and hanging out with trailer trash gone wild, than the best advice I can give you is to jump ship!

And, third, stay away from girls who take psych meds. I once dated a bi-polar woman who stopped taking her pills for a week and got mad at me one day and trashed my apartment. Once a girl breaks your Playstation 3 there’s no reconciliation!

Trying to save a girl once she decides that she wants to join the Bad Girls Club can be an emotionally draining thing. Make sure she’s worth the stress!