Dear Arthur,

What are your thoughts on me bartering sex in exchange for more money from my kid’s douche bag dad who barely takes care of our daughter?

-Signed, Bartering Barbie

Perhaps it’s written somewhere within my self-loathing DNA to prove all of these quasi-new age love philosophers wrong, because if sex bartering with your baby’s mother is the new thing in Dallas then I’m headed out of town fast! I’ve already lived this episode of life and harsh lessons were learned!

What happened was my born-again stripper ex-wife called me up and asked for extra money. This was after she had already spent the child support check I had sent. I was in between girlfriends and super smash buddies’ so I found myself unwittingly paying for sex from her.

We continued this new arrangement for a few weeks, until I started getting tired of being in a for pay relationship with the antichrist. Bartering sex with an ex is a bad idea!

It’s been said that pimping ain’t easy, especially if you’re pimping yourself! Each time you lay down with your baby daddy you’re sacrificing more of your self-respect. Is that the type of mother you want to be to your little girl? Is this the type of confusion you want her to grow up in?

I hope not!

This prostitution of self has to stop!

If your child’s father is truly the douche bag you make him out to be, put him on child support and let the law handle it. Otherwise, give him a chance to be a man and take care of your daughter. Money can’t replace the love a man has for his child!

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