The Answer Guy: December 11th 2012

Dear Arthur,

My husband’s always working late. How do I tell him that it is really affecting me?

The cultural significance of this question hints at an even larger problem eating away at the backhands and back lots of our generation. When is TRUST going to be something that doesn’t come with a set of behavioral conditions that are governed by a woman’s insecurities when dealing with men? Or vice versa?

I’ve come to realize that within any friendship, relationship, or marriage…there’s always someone who wants to be the center of attention. If you take said attention away even for the slightest moment, than the other party involved is screaming FOUL PLAY!

Our failures as human beings to establish healthy and semi-honest relationships with each other is the root of the problem. We tend to want someone to validate our beliefs and bullshit, and when they don’t we hit the panic buttons on our hearts. If your husband’s hard work and dedication toward providing for you and your family is really AFFECTING you to the point that it’s causing you to have mental eruptions of low self-esteem than there’s only one solution; STOP LETTING THE CO-DEPENDENT WORLD dictate the timespan in which your husband should spend time with you!

If he’s “always” working late than you should be used to it by now! If this were a new thing and he’s working unusual hours than that’s a cause for alarm. There’s nothing in your letter to suggest infidelity on his part, however I am wondering what this loneliness is doing to you?

While it’s true that many men cheat with someone they’ve met at work, it’s also true that lonely housewives tend to cheat simply out of BOREDOM! Center of attention syndrome, strikes again!

If you really want your husband to come home early, give him a reason to other than your self-inflected securities!


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