The 5: Must have albums right now

By Ethan Harmon


Music is a must when driving a car. The eerie silence without the radio blaring ushers in a feeling of unease, forcing us to grab the volume knob and crank up the volume. Not everyone shares the same taste in music, but there are albums that are undeniably must-haves. Next time you are driving down the road, make sure these disks are in your car (or loaded onto your iPod):

  1. Life is Good – Nas

In an era of rap that is defined by its bragging and selfish indulgences, Nas comes back into the spotlight to prove that 90s style beats and fresh lyrics are just what the genre needed. Rapping about his experiences over the past few years, from fame to fatherhood to divorce, Nas unleashes a flow that cannot be stopped. Roll to the nearest stoplight with the bass bumping Life is Good.

Songs to listen to: Daughters, World’s an Addiction, You Wouldn’t Understand

  1. Parallax II: Future Sequence – Between the Buried and Me

The metal scene has deteriorated due to the constant re-hashing of similar styles. There are few bands left that lay out a unique sound. Here comes Between the Buried and Me, a revolutionary progressive-metal band full of talent and soul. Layering each song with multiple different genres, insane time signatures, and immense technical prowess, Between the Buried and Me is here to blow your mind.

Songs to listen to: Telos, Astral Body

  1. Some Nights – Fun

Mainstream rock can become bogged down with, well, sameness. A lot of bands begin to sound the same after a while, until now. Fun’s Some Nights (I’m sure many already know of this record) is a refreshing new sound to a genre where few can stand out. With a – ahem – fun style and catchy hits, it can be enjoyed by anyone.

Songs to listen to: Some Nights, We Are Young, Carry On

  1. Camp – Childish Gambino

Some may remember Donald Glover from his hit show, Community. His alter ego, Childish Gambino, is an accomplished rapper, and one that anyone can relate to. Rhyming about life growing up in dire straits to being a nerd in pop culture, Gambino represents a change in the rap game, and a welcome one at that.

Songs to listen to: Heartbeat, Bonfire, Outside

  1. Blunderbuss – Jack White

Do you like the White Stripes? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Well, since the band is no longer together, pick up Blunderbuss, a solo album by founding member Jack White. It retains the bluesy, rock riffs of his previous band while incorporating some great, although a bit strange, new sounds into the mix.

Songs to listen to: Sixteen Saltines, Love Interruption