Real Salt to the Wound

October 7, 2013

By Will Martin To the casual fan of MLS Soccer this is the time of year when scoreboard watching becomes evident and of the utmost. With only three weeks left in the 2013 season points […]

Rapidly Declining Playoff Hopes

September 18, 2013

By Will Martin Being fully aware of all the chaos, devastation, and damage being put forth on the good people of Colorado I begin by wishing those who are in the path of Mother Nature […]

Two for the Price of One

September 12, 2013

By Will Martin The 2013 MLS Season is quickly winding down and each game is a must win for Schellas Hyndman and his team of FC Dallas. For those not keeping score it back on […]

Point Taken Point Earned

September 7, 2013

By Will Martin With the final furlong of MLS season now preparing to run its course what went down in Frisco last Saturday night must be deemed a disappointment. Especially on the heels of a […]

Start Of A New Streak

August 28, 2013

By Will Martin It took 71 minutes to get Team Schellas going but once the wheels were in motion there would be no stoppage of an 11 game winless streak and a road win for […]

If a Tree Falls and…

August 21, 2013

By Will Martin Nearing the halfway point of August, the team from Frisco was able to exercise one demon at home by way of securing a lead and then avoiding the loss albeit a draw […]

Foiled By the Mad Hatter

August 16, 2013

  By Will Martin Coming into play last Sunday in Frisco, the mindset of FC Dallas-in preparation for the L.A. Galaxy and Landon Donovan-was how long it might be before we see two items of […]

It Sounded Awfully Painful

August 11, 2013

By Will Martin Seattle is notorious for having some the most raucous fans in the US of A. Studies have been done to confirm this factoid be it Husky Stadium, the old Kingdome and Qwest […]

1 Point For A Little Impact

July 24, 2013

By Will Martin Sometimes when two mirrors are in the same room you still get the same reflection and will not like what you are undoubtedly going to see. Pick your verbiage, name your adjective, […]

FC Dallas Falls in Frisco

July 15, 2013

By Will Martin Back on March 23rd of 2013-a wet, windy, blustery night in North Texas-FC Dallas had a home game and fell short to by a 3-0 count to Real Salt Lake. When the […]

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