Tackle Sleep Apnea event preview

By Jason Fleck

The fifth stop for the national “Tackle Sleep Apnea” campaign will taking place on Nov. 1 at 7pm. This event will be free and open to the public and will take place at the North Texas Automotive Museum located at 677 W. Campbell Rd. in Dallas. The 5th District American Legion will be teaming up with former NFL players for this even to get the word out. Some of the NFL legends that will be in attendance are Erik Dickerson, Isaiah Robertson, Dave Krieg, Derek Kennard, and Roy Green. In addition to the athletes there will also be experts speaking about the symptoms and dangers of sleep apnea.  The goal of the campaign is to hit every region and get information about the dangers of sleep apnea and the methods that dentists are now using treat this silent killer. So many former athletes are walking around suffering from this disease and have no idea that they have it, so the Pro-Player Health Alliance (PPHA) is stepping in to spread the awareness not only to retired NFL players but also to the public. This campaign has been so successful that players are actually starting to take it upon themselves to get tested. During the most recent screenings, 25 retired players were tested and more screenings are being scheduled across the nation.  There is so much that can be done to get people treated but the first step is to learn about the signs and symptoms of the disease and understand that there are treatment options out there, but if you don’t get tested then there is absolutely no way to get the help you need. This is a wonderful event that has so much to offer to the public, this event shouldn’t be missed by anyone.


Due to the success of the campaign, if you are interested it is recommended that you pre-register athttp://tacklingsleepapneadallas.eventbrite.com/. If you want to learn more about the campaign you can visit http://PPHA.com. Please take your health into you own hands and come out. Even if you aren’t at risk come out anyways and support this wonderful event, the more people that can be educated about the cause, the more people that can be treated, and the less people that will have to suffer.


After the event the former players will be available to the public to sign autographs and have photos taken. Come out to meet these legends and here the stories of their struggles so we can all better understand just what they are going through.