The Colorado Rockies at the All-Star Break

Coors Field sees its fair share of action from the Rockies. What will the second half of the season turn out? Photo Courtesy: Richard Saxon

By DaVince “Dino” Wright

Sitting in the lower deck of Coors Fields watching the Rockies let another one slip away, I’m taken back to the fact that they have the fire power to compete but let games slip through their fingers. Every time they have a team on the ropes they never finish the deal. They allow teams to get back into games in the 7th inning and manage to lose close games. The Rockies are sending three good young quality players to the All-Star game but they can’t seem to win a series.

Atlanta won Sunday by the score of 11 to 3. The score seemed out of reach but it was really close down the stretch. Atlanta brought out the bats while the Rockies had the best seats in the house… on the field! The Rockies currently sit in the cellar of the NL West Division with no place to go but up. They have winnable series coming up with away games against the Padres 7/17-19 after the break and a three game home stand with the Texas Rangers 7/20-22. To finish the month the Reds follow the Rangers.

The Bats
Most writers spend time on naming the superstars on the team and only interview them. The Rockies have a strong support group with young players that are not household names but play like seasoned veterans. Right fielder Carlos Gonzalez has a strong bat but his back up Charlie Blackmon is a better athlete. Shortstop Troy Tulowitzki is the face of the organization but DJ LeMahieu is better defensively and younger! Nick Hundley is the X-factor, he is the coach on the field but seems lack luster down the stretch.

The Arms
Pitching is the key to turning this ship around. Jorge De La Rosa, Kyle Kendrick and Chad Bettis have to find a way to throw more baseballs than basketballs over the plate. Opposing hitters are having a field day sending the rock into the stands. Former closer Rex Brothers was recently called up to help the pitching rotation. He’s good but he needs to come in like he’s being considered for the Cy Young. He’s a left hander that played in Triple A Albuquerque recently. Gonzalez Germen will lend his talented right arm to help the Rockies to jump start the second half of the season.

The Rockies have the tools, but in my opinion, spend too much time in front of the cameras rather than putting in the work on the field for the fans.