Rangers comeback to beat Dodgers 8-4

Photos by Dominic Ceraldi

Rangers salvage game 3. Beat Dodgers 8-4.

Scoring Summary


  1st Muncy homered to right (392 feet), Betts scored, Freeman scored and Taylor scored. 4 0
  1st Heim doubled to right, Lowe scored and Jankowski scored. 4 2
  2nd Semien singled to center, Miller scored, J. Smith to second. 4 3
  2nd Lowe singled to center, J. Smith scored, Semien to third. 4 4
  2nd Jung singled to center, Semien scored, Lowe to second. 4 5
  3rd Taveras doubled to center, Miller scored and Duran scored. 4 7
  4th Duran doubled to left, Heim scored on error, Duran safe at third on throwing error by shortstop Rojas. 4 8