Oscar Predictions

Iconic but not quite a Blitzie!
Iconic but not quite a Blitzie!

By Ethan Harmon

To be honest, everything that deserves to win will most likely lose. Everyone wants to see Django Unchained destroy the competition, but movies like Amour and Lincoln are the most likely to claim the trophies. Here are my predictions for the 2013 Oscars:

  • Best PictureAmour – Yep, that’s right. This sad tale of withering love will most likely win the coveted award. It has good acting and cinematography, and just enough emotional appeal to steal the trophy from the other films.
  • Best Actor – Daniel Day-Lewis – He immerses himself into his roles. He becomes his characters. His portrayal of Abraham Lincoln was superb.
  • Best Actress – Jessica Chastain – Zero Dark Thirty was a critical success thanks to its patriotic themes and top-notch acting. Jessica Chastain gave a great performance, and because this film is a favorite, she will most likely win the award.
  • Best Supporting Actor – Philip Seymour Hoffman – His role in The Master was pivotal to the overall plot, and Hoffman’s performance was chilling.
  • Best Supporting Actress – Helen Hunt – The Sessions was a very… interesting film. Helen Hunt put her all into the role.
  • Best Original ScreenplayDjango Unchained – Optimism never hurt anyone. Cross your fingers now.
  • Best Animated FilmBrave – It’s Pixar, it’s emotional, and it was good.
  • Best CinematographySkyfall – The camera angles in this movie made the experience even better. Remember when Bond fought the sniper? We do.
  • Best Visual Effects – The Avengers battled aliens in the middle of Manhattan. That amount of awesome should guarantee the Oscar.
  • Best Director – Michael Haneke – If it is going to win Best Picture, then it is going to win Best Director. Enough said.