One Spectacular Holiday Sports Sunday!

The 98th running of the Indy 500 is just one of several great sporting events on Sunday. Photo Courtesy: Automotive Rhythms
The 98th running of the Indy 500 is just one of several great sporting events on Sunday. Photo Courtesy: Automotive Rhythms

By Will Martin

Memorial Day Weekend was exactly what the creators of the DVR had in mind. While one is wont to prepare for the kickstart to summer it behooves all Americans to honor the legacy of our military men and women who proudly served or are currently serving. That’s first and foremost.

Second on that list is that a sports fan is going to have options. To wit:

The final round of the Colonial Golf Tournament will be going down Sunday in Ft. Worth, Texas. Your four co-leaders Chad Campbell, 2011 winner David Toms, 22 year old Hideki Matsuyama, and Chris Stroud all sit at seven under which was the same leader score after Round 2.

Kevin Chappell jumped 55 slots to get to within 1 stroke of the lead after shooting a 63. The aforementioned Matsuyama shot a 64 to be a co-leader. #1 ranked golfer Adam Scott himself scored a 65 to get to 5 under after barely making the cut on Friday.

Luck was on my side as I arrived May 24th just in time to hear the roar of the crowd not once but twice within a three minute interval. Soon I discovered why. On Hole #4 Jordan Spieth fired a shot to within a foot of the hole for an ace. Playing partner Justin Dufner would follow suit with a chip shot that bounced in for a birdie. Spieth enters Sunday at 4 under, Dufner at 5 under.

I also noted how much more relaxed David Toms was in the interview room post round unlike 2011.

With 14 golfers all within two strokes of the Tartan Jacket ceremony come 5:15 May 25th you can expect some high drama as the afternoon unfolds along the lines of fans and people watchers at Hole #13. The 7 under after 54 holes is the highest score since 1999. For the record some 33 golfers are within 4 strokes of the plaid. Sunday in Ft. Worth will be epic. Get there early and stick around for the plaid jacket ceremony.

Since Ft. Worth is also home to the Texas Motor Speedway you would be remiss to not think about the 98th running of the Indianapolis 500 on Memorial Day weekend. Two weeks shy of IRL racing’s return to Texas many an eye shall rove onto the phone, Ipad, or computer while multitasking on another project involving a libation and some cookout related assignment.

It seems fitting that the military shall be recognized prior to the start of the race. Last year’s Indy winner Tony Kanaan will try to go back to back against a very strong and determined field. This race is one I used to watch religiously since a 1973 week where inclement weather was the story and it took six days to complete the race.

I can still hear the voices of Jim McKay and Jackie Stewart emote passion from calling said races. I also  remember tragedy for Salt Walther and Tom Sneva. This was one year after the passing of racing great Peter Revson. 1982’s bang bang finish come to mind…

If you have yet to attend a racing event bring a set of ear plugs and give it a try. To be within the elements of gas, oil, burnt rubber, engines roaring and cars going in excess of 200 mph is heart stopping. Note the tightness of work by each driver’s pit  and crew. That also amazes me!

Sure enough the winner of the Indy will come to Ft. Worth for a “meet and greet” a few days later to promote the upcoming IRL visit at Texas Motor Speedway. “Meet and Greet” plus race shall be attended to by yours truly.

Will the return of Serge Ibaka really matter in the outcome of San Antonio’s return to the NBA Finals? After the wonderful test Rick Carlisle and the Mavericks provided that’s a loud and proud ‘Hell No!’

In case you forget it wasn’t the Miami Heat winning the title in 2013. It was the Spurs giving it away in Game 6, 21 seconds away from a title and Tim Duncan on the bench. Incentive enough for a sweep or a five game series. The Thunder to me appear out of sorts and not on the same page. Pops is ready and raring to fire off on the Heat, or Pacers in this case.

Game 3 is also this day so set your DVR. Start planning on a rematch of 2013 for the NBA Finals everyone.

With Le Habs of Montreal now getting the momentum back in their series with the New York Rangers do not be shocked if this series goes 7. The tandem of Martin St. Louis and Brad Richards versus the prowess of PK Subban and Daniel Brier.

Game 4 Sunday night in Canada will be a war and do not be shocked when Derek Stepan goes on the ice and starts 48 hours past sustaining a broken jaw. Your Stanley Cup finalists from 1993 and 1994 both believe that destiny is theirs at any cost.

If that isn’t enough let’s complete the Ft. Worth trifecta. If for some reason you’re jonesing for some baseball the Ft. Worth Cats take on the Mexico Paisanos at LaGrave Field at 5 pm May 25 with their star MLB player-at age 55-Julio Franco! I once read that the secret to his success goes back to never having dessert. Franco to this day is quite the health nut. Good for him. One time Dodger and Twins reliever Mike Marshall your current skipper there.

After the game there will be concert with Beatles cover band Me And My Monkey. Guaranteed to take you back to 1964 and Ed Sullivan’s theatre.

In closing, yes friends and family are tantamount when enjoying the three day weekend. Safety is also important if your out on the beach, the boat, or somewhere that the adult juice if a flowing. Just be safe, have fun, and set that DVR!