On Deck – NFL Coaches: The Black List

By Keysha Hogan – @TheKeysha

As the nation inches closer to leaping over the fiscal cliff, there are a few coaches in the NFL hoping not to get forced to jagged rocks below. I know that may seem dark, but ‘tis the season for heads to roll. Most of these coaches have enjoyed a decent chance in the NFL, but with only a few short weeks until the end of the regular season, let’s take a look at who may be up for a dishonorable discharge.

Pat Shurmur
Somehow Shurmur has effectively stunted the growth of his young roster on the Browns. His offensive style doesn’t mesh with the talent of both of his 1st round draft picks. His play-calls are routinely late resulting in penalties and fans are irate. He has always demonstrated that he is fighting not to lose, but on his next coaching job he should try fighting to win.

Norv Turner
Losing seven of your last eight games is no way to enter the contract negotiating season. His remarkable work on  offensive strategies has definitely set him apart from other coaches, but the team has missed the playoffs two years in a row. His five years in San Diego were solid, but it’s time for him to move on.

Jason Garrett
What can I say? Here in the DFW we expect to win, and we’ve gone too long without tangible results that justify the name “America’s Team.” Jerry Jones has continued to sing Garrett’s praises, but take that with a grain of salt. Jones lent his support to Wade Phillips just days before showing him the door.

Ron Rivera
This one is a tough call because Rivera is respected and well-liked throughout the league. The Panthers’ fourth quarter meltdowns have become increasingly painful to watch week after week. The franchise is on the hunt for a new GM, and when he’s hired there is a good chance he will assemble his own coaching staff and put Rivera out to pasture.

Andy Reid
Reid’s 14 seasons with the Eagles has been filled with many ups and downs. This year there were just too many injuries and coaching changes for him to overcome and the team has the worst record for any team he’s ever coached. It’s a shame that he may be leaving his franchise on this bummer of a season.

Ken Whisenhunt
Somewhere, right now Whisenhunt is reminiscing about his 2008 season when the Cardinals ended their year with a Super Bowl appearance. Not much has happened since then, and team’s offense has been steadily deteriorating since the start of the season.

Romeo Crennel
Over in Kansas City they are having a tough time. The team is currently at 2-11, which places them firmly in last place. When he started at head coach this year there was talk of making a run for the AFC West Title, but his record as a coach is at 28-51 and it’s way too late in the season to improve.