By Arthur Bellifeld

Everyone wants to find that cool moment of musical escapism away from the corporate radio giants and plug into something unique enough to call their own, and the online radio station (DEOA) provides that and much more. DEOA has established a strong social media presence, as well as, community support that few stations can match. Some of the shows featured on DEOA are D-Town Reggaeton, Dark Side Sports Radio, Star Struck, and Hungover with V!

Blitz Weekly spoke with the show’s host, Veronica Navarro, to find out what makes her show popular.

B.W.: What do you think separates your show from various other Internet radio shows, and DFW radio as a whole?

 VHungover With V is as “real” as it can get. We don’t rehearse what we’re going to say and we don’t censor ourselves. The show was meant to support local artists and the culture of Deep Ellum, and that’s what we do.  Every single show will offer you something different and original.  It really is a candid look into the underground music scene. Most people will spend their whole lives never even knowing it exists. Our goal is to show them that it does.

B.W.: Who have been your favorite guests so far?  

 V: Matthew Posey from The Ochre House. He was voted by D Magazine as being one of the best theater writers in Dallas. I’m sort of his stalker. He’s the ultimate artist and he’s been so supportive and really encouraged me to keep Hungover With V as authentic as it is. My favorite local artists who I believe will be the new waive of good music include Derek Comley and the Ill Caminos, Ha-Foo, The Analog Robot, The Unlikely Candidates, and that’s just to name a few. If you want to know more, I suggest watching the show. You never know what new discovery we’ve made.

B.W.: You’ve been known to drink alcohol while filming your show. What is your drink of choice? And, do you think drinking before church lets out, should be part of the religious experience?

V: I’m a beer girl, no doubt.  Anything that’s free is my favorite.  As far as local brewers go, I’m a big fan of Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Those guys definitely know their beers and I have fun drinking them. We also do a monthly beer show on the station called “Bottoms Up” which is shot at World Beer Company. Now, I still don’t have an official beer sponsor but I am currently taking applications.

And I was raised catholic, beer was always a part of the religious experience.

B.W.: Finally, shameless plug time…why should people tune in to your show?  

V: If you’re not laughing out loud and falling in love with new and original artists while watching the show, shoot me an email and I’ll happily buy you a beer.


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