Monster Hydro Super Sport Supports Tiger Woods Return To The Masters

Monster Hydro Super Sport Supports Tiger Woods Return To The Masters

CORONA, Calif. — Monster Hydro Super Sport – Monster Energy’s performance hybrid drink that quenches thirst and offers superior hydration – is excited to welcome back PGA legend and Hydro Super Sport athlete Tiger Woods to The Masters this week.

A return that recently felt unfathomable, Woods is back on the course and competing at the highest level of golf.

“Monster Hydro Super Sport and the entire Monster Energy Family are honored to have Tiger Woods as part of the team,” said Monster Energy’s CMO Dan McHugh.  “Tiger represents the tenacity and drive Monster Energy athletes possess across the globe and we are excited to see him competing once again.”

Playing out of his iconic Monster Energy golf bag since 2016, Tiger’s role was expanded earlier this year to also represent Monster Hydro Super Sport.

Tiger Woods has built an unprecedented competitive career. With 107 worldwide wins and 15 majors, Woods is widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers in PGA history. Since he was 21 years old, Tiger Woods has made a name for himself as PGA’s most dominant golfer in the sport’s history.

To this day, Tiger is the only golfer to have held the U.S. Open, British Open, PGA Championship and Masters’ title all within a year.

Fueled by Monster Hydro Super Sport’s unique blend of BCAAs, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and energy, Tiger continues his comeback to his career after a speedy recovery and dedication to return to the sport.

Monster Hydro Super Sport is available nationwide in grocery stores, convenience stores, and gyms/health clubs near you.