Could Michael Bisping versus Tyron Woodley be a Seller?

Bisping vs Woodley would not only enhance the UFC but it would be money in the bank for the organization.
Bisping vs Woodley would not only enhance the UFC but it would also be money in the bank for the organization with pay-per-views.

By Kyler Kuehler

The new year is already loaded with a few early fights scheduled to take place in the weeks to come along with several more to be made that will no doubt be sellers.

One fight that is already drawing attention has not even been in President Dana White or the UFC’s mind, which is current middleweight champion Michael Bisping taking on current welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in a super fight for the middleweight title. That is right, another champion versus champion fight that has both competitors throwing the trash talk each other’s way to make fans hungry and wanting to see both of these fighters in the Octagon against each other.

With that in mind, it looks like another seller waiting to happen that Dana White and the rest of the UFC would have no problem bringing to the fans.

Both of these fighters are already scheduled to defend their belts: Bisping defending his against Yoel Romero and Woodley in a rematch against Stephen Thompson. That does not mean though Dana White will want to postpone both of their scheduled bouts with the hopes of possibly creating a fight that could surely be another big seller in the making.

White did it with Conor McGregor in defending his featherweight title at the time against interim champion Jose Aldo and then changed his mind by having him face Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title to draw more money in, which is exactly what happened.

With the possibility of making history once again, White would be crazy not to make a fight like this go down since we all know he wants more fighters to accomplish what McGregor did at UFC 205 when he became the first two division champion.

Even with what both Bisping and Woodley bring to their fights would make this fight more epic to enjoy as they both have striking and grappling techniques that would be great to see how they use them against each other and show the world why they are both champions.

With all that 2017 looks to bring I would have to say this is indeed a fight that must be made to give fans more action and bring the company more money to grow into the mainstream sport it continues to strive for.