Maelstrom S18 Flashlight / LaSonic I931X Gold

Maelstrom S18 Flashlight
This handheld spotlight emits a blinding 1200 OTF by using ultra-bright SST-90 LED and this is no powder puff flashlight either. It comes outfitted in aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. The S18 is unlike any flashlight out there, utilizing innovative design technology to provide the versatility and dependability you’ve come to trust in a 4Sevens flashlight.
Prince: $259

LaSonic I931X Gold
This is the limited edition for the successor to the TRC-931 boombox. Check out the iPod dock, USB,SSD/MMC, auxiliary and headphone/microphone inputs, AM/FM radio and alarm clock. Get ready to walk down the block with this bad boy on your shoulder.
Price: $370

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