Line Em Up! Week 4 NFL Picks!

Drew Brees and the Saints are a safe bet for this Sunday against the Cowboys defense. Photo Courtesy: NoodleFish
Drew Brees and the Saints are a safe bet for this Sunday against the Cowboys defense. Photo Courtesy: NoodleFish

By Will Martin

Mission accomplished! After two straight weeks of going 8-8 and vowing to do better in Week 3 the intense late night research finally paid off. For starters how about that historic comeback by the Dallas Cowboys after spotting the Lambs 21 points? Greatest comeback in the history of the Silver And Blue in 55 years in regulation.

Why couldn’t we see a Super Bowl last February 2nd like we did last Sunday in Seattle? Were you grinning like the cat that ate the canary when that field goal and the Hawks padded their lead to 8 when the spread was at 5? Did you also cringe when Peyton Manning drove the length of the field to force overtime before Marshawn Lynch ended all doubts?

Since one can the Mary Jane legally in both states do you think anyone minded the extra football? My guess is Papa Johns and the Budweiser peeps were a happy lot.

The Chiefs made me look really good! Go figure…

Yours truly went 11-5 straight up and 11-5 (31-17 YTD) against the spread (27-21 YTD). Indeed there were some surprises in Week with the results. My tendency is to always go with the more physical team in a game where battles are fought in the trenches.

This was where Houston surprised me with looking so flat in New Jersey with the Giants. Oakland got jobbed on a non-call while the Patriots did just enough to win but not cover.

Still peeved that Washington let that game get away with the Eagles who, at 3-0, are the first team in NFL history to begin a season 3-0 despite trailing in double digits in each game at the half. Amazing. Nick Foles indeed took a beating.

That could very well be the case for Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys this week as they’ll host the Who Dats of the Bayou. Since 1999 The Silver and Blue have a 1-8 record against the Superdome of the Fleur De Lis.

I expect another Jambalaya Blowout with Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, and that Golston guy carving up the secondary of the Cowboys by a 45-21 count. We saw Morris Claiborne get a pick late last week to make the Rams faithful cry.

Jason Garrett decided to promote Orlando Scandrick…which in turn made Claiborne cry and walk off for a while.

While happy with a good week it is wise to never get a swelled head about such success. Now its a good week. The visiting teams were very successful against the spread. My gut instincts tell me the home teams will be successful this week.

As for the rest of the week-and I will be at Reliant Stadium to scout out the Cowboys next opponent-Week 4 in the NFL I like:

Across the pond in London take the Raiders (+3.5) to handle the Dolphins, Green Bay (-1.5), Houston (-3), Indianapolis (-7.5), Baltimore (-3.5), Detroit (1.5), Pittsburgh (-7.5), Jacksonville (+13) for an upset possibility as Philip Rivers will be a bit off, Philadelphia (+4.5), Atlanta (-3), New Orleans (-3) for my lock of the week, and Kansas City (+3.5) for a second possible upset of the week.

Bye weeks for Arizona, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Denver, Seattle, St. Louis.

13 games on the docket this week. 8-5 would be ideal. 9-4 is the goal.

Pick carefully and only bet on what you can afford!