Just Suit Me

From Paris With Love

Louis Vuitton

  • Make an entrance to any holiday party with a suit handcrafted by Malletier’s finest and there will be a line of fashionably conscious women waiting for you under the mistletoe.

louisvuitton.com | $2,000+

The Color of Kings

Ralph Lauren Purple Label

  • You can’t go wrong with Ralph. His classic looks with impeccable tastes are sure to turn heads and make plenty of Ho Ho Ho’s appear in your future.

ralphlauren.com | $1,800+

The Cool Kids

Michael Andrews Bespoke

  • The jolly old fat guy sees that you have some swagger about yourself in a subversive sort of way so he brought you the works of art by young tailors Michael Andrews Bespoke. Now your style is colder than Jack Frost ice-skating in a snow globe.


michaelandrewsbespoke.com | $2,000+


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