Jay Nash: On the Move

No two artists are the same, even when one of the artists is a well-seasoned road warrior that has been compared to Lyle Lovett, Ray LaMontagne and rock icon Bruce Springsteen. Such is the life of Jay Nash. The journey musician has been able to put himself front and center in the ever-changing music scene with his affinity for life on the road. Like any true artist Nash has earned his following one song at a time. Now 10 albums in, the blend of Americana/Alternative/Folk/Rock that has shaped his career appears to have him ready for the main stream.

His latest EP Of the Woods shows just how far Nash has come and grown musically since The Things You Think You Need, which was regarded as one of the best albums of 2008 by blogcritics.org. Touring has become second nature to the Grateful Dead fan that has had a guitar in his hands since the age of 13. So it came as no surprise that he chose to team up for several stops on his US tour with Kelly Clarkson Hazel Eyes and Breakaway Tour alumni Graham Colton. Jay’s next full-length album is due out this spring.

Check out Jay Nash at the Prophet Bar on December 1st in Dallas.

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